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No Man’s Valley – Outside The Dream (Tonzonen Records)

Ave Noctem is a site that prides itself about being unbeholden to any payment, any sponsors, and bringing you the best “extreme and atmospheric music”, amongst other goals. Well, Holland’s own, or is that “The Netherlands own”?, I can never… Continue Reading →

The Riven – S/T (The Sign Records)

As Metal and Hard Rock continues to evolve, with so many genres pushed and explored over so many years, stretching and expanding in that everlasting search for originality, sometimes I get a pleasant surprise when music totally rooted in the… Continue Reading →

Ruby the Hatchet – Planetary Space Child (Tee Pee)

The shadow of Grace Slick looms large over the Retro Psyche/Doom world of today. From Purson and Avatarium to Jess and the Ancient Ones her vocal influence and the stylings of Jefferson Airplane transcend the decades and filter into the… Continue Reading →

Season of Arrows – Give it to the Mountain (Argonauta Records)

Whilst not the biggest of labels out there, Argonauta Records has delivered some real treats over the last couple of years that still manage to get regular plays here at Chez Spenny, no mean feat when I look at the… Continue Reading →

Luciferian Light Orchestra – Black (Svart)

The name threw me first of all – a satanic Electric Light Orchestra perhaps? A Jeff Lynne-alike doing Metal versions of ‘Mr Blue Sky’ or ‘The Diary Of Horace Wimp’? Actually that might be quite interesting…but no, it’s not ELO… Continue Reading →

Castle – Welcome To The Graveyard (Ván)

A couple of months ago at the pub, a friend broke an unwritten rule of the table by pulling out their smart phone to display an online piece they’d seen. Now, had it been some sleepy kitten or puppy falling… Continue Reading →

Jess and the Ancient Ones – Second Psychedelic Coming- The Aquarius Tapes (Svart)

Reviewing this was meant to be a groovy experience for me. I purposefully asked for it the week before I flew to the States for Thanksgiving. The plan was for Jess and the Ancient Ones to lift me onto an… Continue Reading →

Honeymoon Disease – The Transcendence (Napalm)

Swedish retro rock, yeah this again, in a world obsessed by the past there are some high quality outfits emerging. When the opening track ‘Higher’ hits you, I am impressed, especially with the vocals of Jenna. On this one, it… Continue Reading →

Garden of Worm – Idle Stones (Svart)

There are a number of issues I suffer from that in the modern idiom are described as “first world problems”: I’ve too many gig t-shirts to store easily; all the CDs I have are outgrowing their storage; and there are… Continue Reading →

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