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Boris – Dear (Sargent House)

With a discography that spans 87 releases across 25 years, Japan’s Boris are currently one of the most prolific hard working bands within noise rock, reaching an international audience and standing alongside underground heavyweights such as Sunn O))) and Earth…. Continue Reading →

Creepy – Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Eureka)

If you look up Japanese serial killers on Wiki there’s a paltry list of just 13 of them, considering the population you would have expected a lot more. Compared to the likes of the USA and indeed the UK, Japan… Continue Reading →

Mono – Requiem for Hell (Pelagic Records)

Japanese post rock quartet mark their 17th anniversary with the release of 9th studio album ‘Requiem for Hell’. Heavily influenced by experimental rock and shoegaze, Mono are best known for their incorporation of contemporary classical music, noise and minimalism in… Continue Reading →

Abigail – The Final Damnation (Nuclear War Now!)

If your only point of reference to Japanese black metal is Sigh, you are in for a treat/shock/surprise/let down, when you cop a listen to ‘The Final Damnation’, the sixth album from Abigail. They’ve been going for absolutely bloody ages… Continue Reading →

GxSxD – The Adversary (Pulverized)

A second release from Japan’s death metal juggernaut GxSxD (God Send Death), with heavy influences to the usual suspects in modern death metal terms; namely Hate (Pol), Behemoth and Vader, yes, it sounds very much like a Polish death metal… Continue Reading →

Defiled – Toward Inevitable Ruin (Season of Mist)

Brutal death metal. I suppose it makes a lot more sense, stylistically, than melodic death metal does. I’m a so/so fan of the genre, to be honest, being more of an old school death metal kind of guy for the… Continue Reading →

Church of Misery – And Then There Were None (Rise Above)

In the twenty plus years of their existence, like pretty much any band Church of Misery have had some ups and downs; few can be as dramatic as in 2014 when three of the four members quit the band, leaving… Continue Reading →

Zothique – Faith, Hope And Charity (S/R)

I really enjoyed the last self-titled and second album from Japanese nutters Zothique. It kind of came out of nowhere as has the follow up, unexpectedly arriving in the post all the way from the Far East. Zothique do have… Continue Reading →

Barbatos – Straight Metal War (Hells Headbangers)

After years of familiarity with a bunch of oddball horror, sleaze and psychobilly punk rock bands embracing violence, war, peace, sexual depravity and other general lawlessness, it’s difficult not to feel a little bit jaded when you come across a… Continue Reading →

The Happiness Of The Katakuris – Takashi Miike (Arrow)

Regular readers to these film reviews maybe shocked to know that this writer does NOT do Romcoms or Musicals! Of course there is always the odd exception to the rule and if for instance one is made that throws say… Continue Reading →

Cohol – Rigen (Osmose)

Having a band member from Impiety is for me a point of interest, and this is the case here. The band member in question’s time with the Singaporean extremists was in fact short-lived, and Cohol themselves have been going since… Continue Reading →

Sigh – Graveward (Candlelight)

Warning may contain nuts! Yes and it’s rather nutty stories that have helped pave the way towards Japanese loons Sigh’s tenth album. Founding member and guitarist Shinichi Ishikawa was removed from the line up due to the fact that apparently… Continue Reading →

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