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Solitary Sabred – By Fire and Brimstone (No Remorse Records)

Appearances can be deceiving. Two bands embarking on their third album, released on the same day, on the same label with the same artists artwork, from the same part of Europe…and reviewed at the same time by yours truly –… Continue Reading →

Steel Prophet – The God Machine (Rock Of Angels)

If you are a Steel Prophet fan that yearned for the day when they would sound just a little more like Mystic Prophecy then guess what you lucky, lucky person you, cos it’s your lucky day! In a real hands-across-the-ocean… Continue Reading →

Jag Panzer – The Deviant Chord (Steamhammer)

Jag Panzer are an institution in respect to US heavy/power metal, adored in Europe and have a strong following elsewhere. Vocalist Harry ‘The Tyrant’ Conklin has some of the most varied range in modern metal. For this album its gone… Continue Reading →

Burning Ground – Last Day Of Light (Minotauro Records)

Although this is Burning Ground’s debut full length album, they’ve been enriching the Metal scene in their native Italy since 2002. A few line-up changes have ensued, as they always do, but the longevity in the band’s history shines through… Continue Reading →

Arduini/Balich – Dawn Of Ages (Cruz Del Sur)

As a forward slash between two names generally denotes, it’s collaboration time people! In the dark corner we have one of the founding guitarists of Progressive Metal pioneers Fates Warning (he was on the first two albums with the high-and-higher… Continue Reading →

Satan’s Host – Pre-dating God (Parts 1 & 2) (Moribund)

OK, for such an epic release, first a brief history lesson. I’ve heard a few bits and pieces from Satan’s Host before, but it wasn’t until I did a little research into the band for the purposes of this review… Continue Reading →

Crystal Viper – Possession (AFM)

Polish female fronted metal band Crystal Viper have returned with this concept album following up to the remarkable ‘Crimen Excepta’ album released some 18 months ago. The concept is based around a girl called Julia which is pretty much like… Continue Reading →

Sacred Oath – Fallen (Wienerworld)

Sacred Oath actually recorded their (largely overlooked) debut right back in 1987! They retain their original Vocalist/Guitarist and Drummer, are American, and dubbed as Power Metal. But straight away that European/American definition of Power Metal rears it’s head and I… Continue Reading →

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