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Moonspell, Rotting Christ, Silver Dust – London Islington Assembly Hall 29/9/19

It was expected that this was just a two-band tour with Moonspell and Rotting Christ co-headlining but just before the show I discovered there was an unknown quantity or an extra item in the baggage area. This turned out to… Continue Reading →

Haken, Vola, Bent Knee – London Islington Assembly Hall 16/3/19

The Islington Assembly Hall is a nice venue. Tonight there were plenty of people to enjoy it. Unfortunately the last time I was here was the same tragic night that a terrorist attack took place at the Manchester Arena. There… Continue Reading →

Batushka, Schammasch, Trepaneringsritualen – London Islington Assembly Hall 14/1/18

Well it really is a weekend of rituals in London what with Watain on Friday and this tonight and it’s another sell out show gathering the throngs together on a chilly Sunday night. Yes an outsider may take one look… Continue Reading →

Riverside London Islington Assembly Hall 22/5/17

Riverside were without support. They don’t need support. They weren’t alone either. Their reputation goes before them, so a good sized crowd of all ages convened downstairs and upstairs at the Islington Assembly Hall, breaking the recent trend of low… Continue Reading →

Haken, The Algorithm and Next to None – London Islington Assembly Hall 26/3/17

Tonight marked a special event, not because of Mother’s Day or England v Lithuania, but because the UK has apparently become a continent, if the tour banner “Touring Europe and the UK” is anything to go by. What we did… Continue Reading →

Cult of Luna, Bossk, Moloken – London Islington Assembly Hall 11/4/16

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of ‘Somewhere Along the Highway’, Swedish powerhouse Cult of Luna are taking it on the road and, for the first time ever, will be playing the album in its entirety. This is great news for… Continue Reading →

My Dying Bride, Oceans Of Slumber & 40 Watt Sun – London Islington Assembly Hall 31/3/16

More doom, I must be mad but the headliners have not played in some time and are one of the only bands that would have got me out tonight after Doom Over London. We are in the posher part of… Continue Reading →

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