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Venom Inc. – London Islington Academy 13/3/18

Being a bit older, a bit more jaded and a bit more in need of my bed these days, it’s been a while since I’ve been to a gig that has made be feel as great as this one did…. Continue Reading →

Insomnium, Barren Earth & Wolfheart – London Islington Academy 18/1/17

Ok who stole the bastard pub? The Wetherspoons above the venue has vanished since I was last at the Islington Academy! Luckily there are others down the road and back at the Academy the queue is snaking right round the… Continue Reading →

Interview – Truckfighters

Friday night in Angel and there’s a steady gathering at the Islington O2 ahead of the Truckfighters’ second last UK gig. I am escorted to their dressing room where I’m introduced to Niklas “Dango” Källgren, who is calmly noodling away… Continue Reading →

Truckfighters, Deville, Dot Legacy – London Islington Academy 9/12/16

I only see a couple of songs from openers, Dot Legacy. Immediately, I’m struck by their energy in large doses from this French crew whose influences include tonight’s headliners. Thick riffs come flying, there’s guitarists leaping all over the stage…I… Continue Reading →

Therion, Luciferian Light Orchestra, Ego Fall and Imperial Age – London Islington Academy 13/1/16

We normally get Therion over just before Xmas in fact you could say that for some of us it is our annual pantomime. This time around they chose to appear in the New Year to regale us and they brought… Continue Reading →

Enslaved, Grand Magus & De Profundis – London Islington Academy 24/9/15

It’s early doors tonight but still a healthy amount of people in the venue to witness London based openers De Profundis. They don’t have time to play too much and have to dispense on something old but do have a… Continue Reading →

Primordial, Winterfylleth, Portrait & Malthusian – London Islington Academy 7/2/15

It’s a chilly evening and we scurry quickly into the venue to warm up as soon as doors open at 5PM. It may well be an early start but well worth getting down in time for opening band Malthusian who… Continue Reading →

Morbid Angel, Benediction, Unfathomable Ruination – London Islington Academy 12/12/2014

With doors opening at 6pm, it’s a mad rush from the office to Islington tonight and with such a strong line up, the disappointment of being late is looming over our heads as we rush up the underground escalators.  Unfortunately… Continue Reading →

Therion & Arkona – London Islington Academy 20/12/13

Due to a combination of early doors and meeting up with people, for once I completely broke my own rule of trying to make sure I covered all the support bands by walking in just as the second of them… Continue Reading →

Arcturus, Fen & From The Bogs Of Aughiska – London Islington Academy 13/12/13

It’s mental out there, trying to stop and have a quiet pint in the pub before the show was an impossibility as some classy boss has treated about 50 of his braying staff to their turkey nosebags in the Moons… Continue Reading →

Annihilator, The Generals and Nightlord – London Islington Academy – 13/10/13

At 7 there was already a queue around the corner from the entrance and into the rain, for those already with tickets, and another much shorter queue for those collecting or buying tickets. Little did I realise that molasses on… Continue Reading →

Primordial, Hell & Winterfylleth – Islington Academy 5/5/12

Apparently as soon as doors opened the night before the London show in Manchester 500 people were straight in to give Winterfylleth rousing support. London is one of those places where people prefer to sit in the pub (and with… Continue Reading →

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