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Voidhanger – Dark Days of the Soul (Agonia Records)

I don’t know why it is that Polish death metal vocalists have the raucous tone of people who have indulged in large quantities of vodka and spent their time in smoke-filled rooms, but Voidhanger’s Warcrimer is the archetype of the… Continue Reading →

Infernal War – Axiom (Agonia)

Black metal from Poland conjures up a vivid image of uncompromising throaty harshness. I happened to mention to someone the other day that I was reviewing this band’s album, and unwittingly earned a badge of respect for being willing to… Continue Reading →

Voidhanger – Working Class Misanthropy (Pagan Records)

With members of Massemord, Iperyt and Infernal War in this trio’s ranks I was well aware this one was going to deliver a right Polish battering. What with the title ‘Working Class Misanthropy: Of Rapture And Disgust’ (to give it… Continue Reading →

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