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Ni – Pantophobie (Dur et Doux)

Phobias are clearly an issue with French band Ni. All eleven tracks are suffixed with different ones – catagelophobie, héliophobie, stasophobie to name but three. But what’s in a track title? Everything points to a fluid approach to creativity, and… Continue Reading →

Oldd Wvrms – Codex Tenebris (Cursed Monk Records)

Forming in 2014 Belgian quartet Oldd Wvrms have bashed out two E.P.s and two full length collections in their short life. Their third “Codex Tenebres” is thunderous fist of darkly atmospheric instrumentals that draw from sludge, doom, post rock and… Continue Reading →

Cntmpt – Towards Neglect (Into Endless Chaos Records)

All three band members of this German black metal act are prolific in a number of other bands such as Evil Warriors, Division Speed, Vidargängr, to name a few and within this project they are simply named as B, M… Continue Reading →

The Clouds Will Clear – Recollection Of What Never Was (Tonzonen)

The Clouds Will Clear are a four-piece post-rock instrumental band from Frankfurt, Germany, and Recollection Of What Never Was is their first full-length album. In 2014 they had released a self-titled EP. The overall impression, after having listened to the… Continue Reading →

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving – No Tether (Birds Robe)

What do I know about the Australian music scene? Not much, really. I know the usual suspects, but that’s about it. Listening to No Tether, the new album by the four-piece instrumental band Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, from Perth, Australia,… Continue Reading →

Spurv – Myra (Fysisk Format)

‘Myra’ is the follow up to Norwegian post rockers Spurv’s debut album ‘Skarntyde’ – the band have spent three years crafting this record and, with guest performances from Ulver’s Tore Ylvisaker and Ole Aleksander Halstensgård, ‘Myra’ boasts a huge amount… Continue Reading →

Charun – Mundus Cereris (Third I Rex)

Sardinian band Charun, not to be confused with Finland’s Charon, are a post rock band. The fact that Isis’s James Plotkin mastered this album says much. After getting us firmly into the groove with a swampy start, “Malacoda” sends us… Continue Reading →

Long Distance Calling – Vienna, B72, 9/3/2018

One of the most impressive things here is public transport. It is incredibly well organized, it will virtually get you everywhere and it isn’t expensive. You can buy a ticket for 24, 48, or 72 hours and ride anywhere and… Continue Reading →

Hemelbestormer – A Ring of Blue Light (Ván)

Hemelbestormer are four gentlemen from Belgium with a musical background in hardcore, doom and black metal. Their new album, A Ring of Blue Light, features instrumental post-rock with ambient, experimental and doom elements. All tracks have been named after astronomical… Continue Reading →

Insect Ark – Marrow Hymns (Profound Lore Records)

The cover of Insect Ark’s new album Marrow Hymns features a phoenix, the mythical bird that is cyclically reborn. It is not a victorious image, not one that usually comes to mind when the phrase “to rise from the ashes… Continue Reading →

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