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Latitude Egress – To Take Up The Cross (Art Of Propaganda)

This would appear to be the work of just the one necromancer known as Niklas or Nerrath to his acolytes. Latitude Egress is the new name given to an old project entitled Licht Erlischt who released two albums via Black… Continue Reading →

Fornicus – Storming Heaven (Negative Earth Records)

Something really odd has been going on and confusing me lately. It suddenly clicked what it was and it is the fact that two albums on my review pile, this and the new Necrophagia both start with a sample from… Continue Reading →

Sacrocurse – Unholier Master (Hell’s Headbangers)

Formed in 2012 as a Mexican-Turkish alliance, Sacrocurse’s sole aim was to lay waste to metal’s most bestial underground hordes. This they seemingly did with the ‘Sulphur Blessing’ demo in 2013, followed by a split with Canada’s Trajeto de Cabro…. Continue Reading →

Behemoth, Cradle Of Filth, In Solitude, Inquisition & Svarttjern – London Forum 10/2/14

A more than heavyweight line-up for a Monday night going on here and needless to say that partly due to this and no doubt the strength on new Behemoth album ‘The Satanist’ the venue was pretty much sold out. I… Continue Reading →

Inquisition – Obscure Verses For The Multiverse (Season Of Mist)

The grand Inquisitors Dagon and Incubus are back and ready to probe and torture a confession out of you with album number six, their first with Season Of Mist. Pull up a comfy chair and prepare to meet the questions!… Continue Reading →

Into Darkness – Into Darkness (Hellthrasher)

Into Darkness, the new Star Trek film, is due out 2013… for those who cannot wait there’s a Milanese take on all that, in the form of death-worshippers Into Darkness (formed in 2011, 2 BSTID (Before Star Trek Into Darkness)…. Continue Reading →

Ophidian Forest/Hæresiarchs of Dis – Darkest Origins (Split) (UW Records)

If decomposing, mind-scouring black metal is what your evil doctor ordered, then look no further than Ophidian Forest. Densest Green, the first track on this split with Hæresiarchs of Dis, is the sonic equivalent of waking up happy that you’re still… Continue Reading →

Black Metal – Beyond The Darkness (Black Dog Publishing)

Indeed it is “a story that’s been told countless times before.” The origins of black metal as a musical art form are always going to stir interest from those both within and outside the scene. One wonders if centuries down… Continue Reading →

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