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Veneration – Thy Infernal (Fallen Temple)

Here is a five track blast of venom from Veneration. from Indonesia. The packaging that comes with this EP from the Indonesian band goes overboard on its black metal credentials. The track titles remind us that everything is infernal, there… Continue Reading →

Pure Wrath – The Forlorn Soldier (Debemur Morti)

Pure Wrath are, despite two full lengths to their name, a new Indonesian one-man band to me and despite the name this is not lo-fi bestial war metal. In fact, as soon as ‘When A Great Man Dies’ begins you… Continue Reading →

Exhumation – Eleventh Formulae (Pulverised Records)

There’s a plethora of acts with this name but of the ones I know this Indonesian act is by far the ugliest and guttural I have heard so far. As part of the triple slithering assault I had with Abhomine… Continue Reading →

Depraved Murder – Manifestation (Comatose)

The Asian world is no stranger to brutality, Vomit Remnants, Butcher ABC, Wormrot, Glossectomy, Gorevent, Blunt Force Trauma the list goes on. Quite frankly if you want big Slams and ferocious speed then look no further. The continent is rife… Continue Reading →

Dead Mine – Steven Shiel (eOne Entertainment)

Cult Labs recently put together a timeline of peoples choices of best British Horror films and I eagerly threw mine straight in. These were The Wicker Man (Robin Hardy 1973) Blood On Satan’s Claw (Piers Haggard 1971) Psychomania (Don Sharp… Continue Reading →

Stryper – Live In Indonesia at the Java Rockin’ Land (Wienerworld)

People will look at the band name and immediately form a particular opinion, but love them or ridicule them, Stryper were and are (having reformed in 2005) a valid, genuine heavy metal band. Their lyrical content may not be to… Continue Reading →

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