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Asphodèle – Jours Pâles (Ladlo Productions)

The flowers of Asphodèle may have only just bloomed but one look at the cast list of this brand-new French band was all I needed to grab the album and put it on my review pile. For a start we… Continue Reading →

Dreamarcher – The Bond (Indie)

The first bio/info I saw about Dreamarcher said that they were a “blackened progressive metal gem based in Oslo, Norway.” I am fond of weird combination of words, and “gem” together with what went before it got me intrigued right… Continue Reading →

Kampfar – Ofidians Manifest (Indie)

Without a shadow of a doubt Kampfar are one of the leading Scandinavian pagan black metal bands with a hugely respected output of releases going back to 1995. Perhaps we had been taking them for granted just a little too… Continue Reading →

From Another Mother – ATATOA (Kapitan Platte)

Indie Math rock. Three words that can spread panic and fear like “ It’s your kid” and “Blood in faeces” . Back packs, mad time signatures and moshing bans come to mind. “Is this music, is this art? Why is… Continue Reading →

Korea – Abiogenesis (Vicisolum Records)

Now, be honest. Have you spent the last seven years in anticipation of Korea’s new album? I confess that I hadn’t, contrary to the claim that seven years of waiting is over. In fact I didn’t know about Korea, who… Continue Reading →

GOLD – Optimist (Vàn)

I really appreciated the originality of GOLD’s previous album “No Image”, which mixed a gothic darkwave style with strong song structures. So too “Optimist” is dark and sinister. Hypnotising and moody rhythms, shadowy sounds and a haunting female vocal line… Continue Reading →

Vredehammer – Violator (Indie)

Stop. Vredehammer time. I was going to try and resist it, but sometimes a mental impulse is too damned strong to resist. Now, I don’t know about you, but I had no idea what a “Vrede” was, but thanks to… Continue Reading →

Dead Soul – The Sheltering Sky (Century Media)

Dead Soul is, essentially Anders Landelius and Niels Nielsen and the never-to-be-trusted PR blurb goes on about delta blues, electronica, Johnny Cash and Nick Cave meeting Nine Inch Nails. ‘New ‘ and ‘exciting’ were also mentioned. Feeling like the lass… Continue Reading →

Myrkur – M (Relapse)

Last year’s debut self-titled EP by Myrkur came practically out of nowhere causing quite large debate about the origins of the songstress behind it, the fact that it had been released by Relapse certainly fuelled the fire and cries about… Continue Reading →

Posthum – The Black Northern Ritual (Indie)

I was very impressed with Posthum’s last album, 2012’s ‘Light’s Out’ and with their approach to black metal in general which draws on the many varied takes on the genre. It was an album that rather predictably split opinion, with… Continue Reading →

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