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Kapala – Termination Apex (Dunkelheit Productions)

For those of you who didn’t catch my review of Kapala’s debut EP Infest Cesspool, here’s the highlights: Aaaaaaaaaaaggggggggguuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Basically Kapala don’t fuck around. This is bestial war metal of the most fucked up order. Ultra-guttural, ultra-brutal, grinding blackened noise…. Continue Reading →

Kryptos – Afterburner (AFM)

Indian band Kryptos are really no stranger to these pages, this is their latest offering and man does it work out really well! Their art of powerful heavy metal, bounded with a true magical sense of melody, well, this is… Continue Reading →

Tetragrammacide – Primal Incinerators Of Moral Matrix (Iron Bonehead)

Having experienced a couple of this Indian bands two releases in 2015 I can honestly say that they come close to holding the black crown of anti-music as the band vomits a debut full length onto this festering world we… Continue Reading →

Kapala – Infest Cesspool (Dunkelheit)

Kapala (a Sanskrit word meaning skull I gather) are from India. Well this lot are, as I discovered two other bands sharing this name. The idea of fans of either of those other two bands accidentally downloading this amuses the… Continue Reading →

Darkrypt – Delirious Excursion (Transcending Obscurity)

Debut death metal from Mumbai here. Always glad to be reminded that this is a global family, it also has a couple of guest slots from visiting uncles Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, The Grotesquery, all the rest.) and Nitin Rajan (Primitiv)… Continue Reading →

Kryptos – Burn Up The Night (AFM)

Indian heavy metal is alive and well with Kryptos’ fourth full length effort. My last outing (‘The Ark of Gemini’) proved very positive and ‘Burn Up The Night’ is a touch fresher for me. The metal references on the album… Continue Reading →

Albatross – Fear from the Skies (Transcending Obscurity)

I enjoyed this Indian heavy metal bands outing on the split with Vestal Claret (‘The Kissing Flies’) back in 2012, and I did hear some sound samples prior to receiving this album, but I wasn’t totally convinced if I am… Continue Reading →

Dormant Inferno/Dionysus – Beyond Forgotten Shores (Transcending Obscurity)

Normally split albums serve as a sampler for a couple of unknown bands. These two bands may be unknown but this double cd is a substantial package. Dormant Inferno are from India while Dionysus hail from Pakistan. I can’t add… Continue Reading →

Dhwesha – Sthoopa (Dunkelheit)

Meaning ‘hatred/revenge’ in the band’s native language, Kannada, the Indians of Dhwesha have been gradually gearing up for their debut album since 2008. Incorporating the members’ interest in their culture’s history and mythology, it seems pretty fair to say that… Continue Reading →

Demonic Resurrection – The Demon King (Candlelight)

Ever since I got this bands third album “The Return To Darkness” for review in another publication I have been hooked to their music completely and added to that their triumphant and staggering live performance at Bloodstock Open Air in… Continue Reading →

Purvaja – Dark Goddess Divine (Sonic Blast Media)

I’d experienced Vedic metal before and gained insight into this extremely dark form by listening to Rudra and interviewing the band’s highly intelligent leader Kathir. Where I was breaking new ground here was in reviewing metal from India. This seven… Continue Reading →

Kryptos – The Coils of Apollyon (AFM Records)

I really enjoyed this bands second album ‘The Ark of Gemini’, but this latest effort, their third, takes India’s Kryptos to a completely different level. By this I mean that the bar has been raised significantly since switching to AFM… Continue Reading →

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