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In Vain – Currents (Indie Recordings)

Anything with Jens Bogren in charge of production means high quality and high output. This is the man responsible, amongst others, for works by Opeth, Devin Townsend, Dimmu Borgir and In Vain. This is In Vain’s fourth album release. Sure… Continue Reading →

Images At Twilight – Kings (Indie)

Achieving a balance between aggression and orchestration in the form of symphonic black metal can be challenging, and even well established bands have struggled at times in their career. “Kings” may be Images at Twilight’s debut album, but it’s fair… Continue Reading →

Interview – Solefald

This interview was originally conducted as a short news piece for Iron Fist magazine (available in all good newsagents and digitally). Naturally I asked far too many questions for the word count I had and much of this had to… Continue Reading →

Interview – Solefald

One thing that was rather a big surprise was to find out that Solefald were not only going to play their first dates since 1998 but also they were going to kick off the ‘Fire Walks With Me’ Tour alongside… Continue Reading →

Vreid, Solefald & In Vain – London Barfly 4/4/13

April was being a malicious bitch and throwing snow out the sky. Luckily it did not stop a healthy crowd getting to the venue or the hardened Norsemen on the first day of this rather special 14 date tour. I… Continue Reading →

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