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Imperium Dekadenz

Ellende – Lebensnehmer (AOP Records)

As is our musical nerd sort of way I was as per usual over-analysing things whilst listening to this. As far as sub-genres are concerned we have more than enough as it is but with black metal there could easily… Continue Reading →

Heruka – Deception’s End (Vacula / Narcoleptica Prod)

Ok, so oniric black metal from Italy then. Yes a strange descriptor and getting beneath the surface conceptually things are even denser as this band started out delving into the Sicilian town of Erice and going back to its interesting… Continue Reading →

Deadly Carnage – Through The Void, Above The Suns ( A Sad Sadness Song)

I have reviewed this Italian bands last two full lengths the last one of which was released in 2014. The band has been relatively quiet since then with only a two track EP called “Chasm” showing up in 2016 that… Continue Reading →

Antlers – Beneath.Below.Behold (Totenmusik/Ván Records)

When Deafheaven released its masterpiece “Sunbather” in 2013, it created a rift in the black metal scene. On one side, there were those who dismissed this new wave as not being black metal at all, while on the other side… Continue Reading →

Albums Of The Year 2016

Whatever way you look at it 2016 has hardly been a bundle of laughs. It’s been a year full of fear, loathing and paranoia with a healthy side dish of total chaos running through it. The political climate became stupefying… Continue Reading →

Imperium Dekadenz – Dis Manibvs (Season Of Mist)

Black metal from the black forest. It’s been several years since we last wallowed in the verdant ‘Meadows Of Nostalgia’ but we were never going to forget about Imperium Dekadenz despite the wait and fact that they are unfortunately not… Continue Reading →

Alastor – Waldmark (Wrath Of The Tyrant)

Discounting the split released in 2012 this is Alastor’s third full length and some nine years since “Noble North” came out which gave me my first experience of this Austrian band. “Noble North” was a competent affair, offering melodic black… Continue Reading →

Deadly Carnage – Manthe (ATMF)

I encountered this Italian black metal act in 2011 with the release of their second full length “Sentiero II – Ceneri” a rather strange and brooding mix of songs underpinned by black metal. Seven tunes occupy this third album and… Continue Reading →

Carrier Flux – Objection (Code666 Records)

I will hold my hands up and state that I’ve never really been a fan of one person black metal bands or any metal band for that matter. I’ve always felt that the artists were spreading themselves too thinly when… Continue Reading →

Interview – Imperium Dekadenz

In 2010 I latched onto German black metallers Imperium Dekadenz, a duo consisting of Horaz and Vespasian; a duo that writes complex, foreboding dark melancholic black metal music that whilst despondently doleful is equally uplifting taking the listener on a… Continue Reading →

Chaos Invocation – Black Mirror Hours (World Terror Committee)

This bands debut, “In Bloodline With The Snake”, from 2009 was a worthy if predictable addition to the German black metal scene with harsh frostbitten rawness creating the purist view of black metal. Some four years later and we are… Continue Reading →

Von Branden – Flammenreich (Apostasy)

A crumbling building with a very scary and ghastly looking figure, face wrapped in alien looking bandages which hang down towards the ground greeted me in the promo photo accompanying the invite to review the digital download of this album…. Continue Reading →

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