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Imperial Triumphant – Alphaville (Century Media Records)

Delving into the bottom of the weekly cauldron of hate that contains items for review, this fourth album by New Yorkers, Imperial Triumphant (a three piece although you’d never guess it from the gargantuan sound they produce), stuck out like… Continue Reading →

Voidcraeft – Ἕβελ (I, Voidhanger)

Did Deathspell Omega realise the festering demon they had spawned all those years ago when they spewed forth Fas – Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum? Even now that avant-garde and, if I can use this ugly and inexact sub-genre description,… Continue Reading →

Nightbringer – Ego Dominus Tuus (Season of Mist)

Nightbringer have produced an explosive piece of work here that is nothing short of electrifying at times. Gigantic riffs battling criss-crossing tremolo guitars, half a dozen different vocal styles and around 70 minutes of epic, occult-inspired black metal. On many… Continue Reading →

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