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Ilsa – Corpse Fortress (Relapse)

Washington D.C five-piece Ilsa are well versed in the art of doom-death, having cut their teeth on splits with the likes of Hooded Menace, Coffins and Seven Sisters of Sleep. However, the defining characteristics of the band’s previous albums are… Continue Reading →

Integrity – Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume (Relapse Records)

Few acts can truly be called pioneers but US act Integrity deserve that accolade for spearheading a movement of hardcore that surpassed the parameters of the genre that flourished during the late 70s and 80s by manipulating the genre into… Continue Reading →

Helga She Wolf Of Stilberg – Alain Garnier (Maison Rouge)

Waiting impatiently for the next series of Orange Is The New Black and Wentworth? If you lived during the 70’s and 80’s it was pretty much the same with our limited TV channels and programmes like Prisoner Cell Block H… Continue Reading →

Hooded Menace – Gloom Immemorial (Doomentia)

Whilst being nowhere near the likes of Nunslaughter in the ‘fuck me, how many releases? How am I gonna ever own all that?’ stakes, Finnish atmospheric doom / death titans Hooded Menace still have a respectable smattering of super-limited edition… Continue Reading →

Voidhanger – Working Class Misanthropy (Pagan Records)

With members of Massemord, Iperyt and Infernal War in this trio’s ranks I was well aware this one was going to deliver a right Polish battering. What with the title ‘Working Class Misanthropy: Of Rapture And Disgust’ (to give it… Continue Reading →

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