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R.I.P. – In The Wind (Riding Easy Records)

It’s early 2017, and time for more doom. No, I don’t mean the assorted headlines and accompanying wailing and gnashing of teeth that fills the internet, but rather Doom with a capital “D” a music form that can be traced… Continue Reading →

Valient Thorr – Old Salt (Napalm)

There are two sides to every story and sometimes it’s not entirely clear which side is the true version of events. Whether it is about a group of beings hailing from Burlatia, Venus, set on destroying the world through the… Continue Reading →

Satan’s Satyrs – Don’t Deliver Us (Bad Omen Records)

Over a year has passed since Satan’s Satyrs released ‘Die Screaming’ (see Ave Noctum reviews passim) onto the world care of Bad Omen Records, and 2015 sees this happy relationship between band and label bare fresh fruit in the form… Continue Reading →

Pentagram – Curious Volume (Peaceville)

The history of US doom metal legends Pentagram is one that if written as a novel would just seem too over the top to be even vaguely credible. Despite forming in the early 70’s and numerous close calls with fame… Continue Reading →

Karma To Burn – Arch Stanton (Faba/Deepdive Records)

Better get this one out of the way straight away; if like me, you were wondering where you heard the name ‘Arch Stanton’ before, it’s the grave name where the treasure is buried in ‘The Good, The Bad, and the… Continue Reading →

D.O.A. – To Hell And Back (Wienerworld)

What do you do after pretty much founding ‘hardcore punk’ releasing stacks of albums and playing hundreds of shows over a career that spans close to 35 years? You wind down your outfit, play a last tour and go and… Continue Reading →

Tribute To Ron Asheton – Featuring Iggy & The Stooges (Wienerworld /MVD)

Those Cemetery Gates just keep yawning open and since I reviewed “that book” about those that passed through them and those who survived against the odds I seem to keep having more artists who would be entirely relevant turning up… Continue Reading →

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