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Maere – I (Lavadome)

I know nothing about Maere so it was dive right in unprepared really. We get six tracks, kind of. First is an intro; slow, deep brooding with vague vocal sounds. Echoing, hollow and buzzing of the void. Nicely atmospheric it… Continue Reading →

Petbrick I (Rocket Recordings)

My expectation of this album by the duo called Petbrick was of something electronic and industrial. But there’s talk too of punk attitudes and experimentation, so maybe my expectation was off the mark. The duo in question are Wayne Adams… Continue Reading →

Epitaphe – I (Aesthetic Death)

Nothing in the world of Death Metal, or Metal for that matter surprises me any more, sad I know. Yet when you are so obsessed with something you can’t help but foresee every possible outcome, whether it be awful Metal… Continue Reading →

Abbath – S/T (Season Of Mist)

If ever there was a band that has been badly used by the internet it is Immortal: Whether it’s those interminable mostly unfunny ‘memes’ or cracks about the Abbath crab-walk, the internet has mostly ignored the one bright, blazing fact… Continue Reading →

King Fear – Frostbite (Quality Steel Records)

King Fear is a relatively new project formed by Nachtgarm (of Negator, and recently filling in for Dark Funeral on vocals). Before this, their debut full length album, they had released only a single EP in 2012. Although there is… Continue Reading →

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