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Black Moth – Anatomical Venus (Candlelight Records)

Black Moth is a band that I’m glad to say I’ve been following for a good long while, seeing at shows as far apart as when they played with Uncle Acid and the Shovell lads in 2014 in Glasgow, to… Continue Reading →

Pentagram Chile, Ravens Creed, Craven Idol, Hybris & Ataud – London Purple Turtle 2/8/14

South American styled, savage black thrashing madness fills the venue at the ungodly time of 4.30 as 1st band Ataud kick this show off. Unlike the others on the bill this lot are completely new to me but the trio… Continue Reading →

Candlefest – Anaal Nathrakh, Palehorse, Voices & Hybris – Camden Underworld 23/8/13

Since the first Candlefest I never really assumed it was going to be a yearly event but it seems to be very much a part of the calendar now with this showcase of bands on the Candlelight roster stepping up… Continue Reading →

Municipal Waste, Freebase, Mutant & Hybris – London Dingwalls 10/7/12

This was a last second show for me hence no camera pass and photos but that gave me more time for drinking and thrashing, well it should have done as far as the latter is concerned but I am at… Continue Reading →

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