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Less Win – Given Light (Big Oil Recording Co)

History repeats itself. This is especially true in fashion and music. A new generation unearths something from the past that resonates with their thoughts and feelings, they give it a twist and add something of their own and then unleash… Continue Reading →

Therapy? – Manchester Gorilla 16/11/18

As I scale the steps leading into Manchester’s Gorilla, I am met with a wall of black clad backs and as I peer over the shoulders of the gathered masses, it’s clear to see that there isn’t an inch to… Continue Reading →

Duncan Evans – Prayers For An Absentee (Prophecy)

“I know that name I thought” when this album came up for review. Sure enough a bit of digging came up with the name Henry Hyde Bronsdon which was the nom de plume of vocalist / guitarist Duncan was using… Continue Reading →

Floor – Oblation (Season Of Mist)

What happens  when Steve Brooks from Torche resurrects the band he started in 1992 and gets his fuzz on with Kurt Ballou behind the desk? “Oblation” that’s what. Torche are known for their brightly coloured surreal cartoon like album covers…. Continue Reading →

Okkultokrati – Snakereigns (Fysisk Format)

Although debut 2010 album ‘No Light For Mass’ from these Norwegians barely made any mark that I heard of there has been a real buzz about their follow up Snakereigns. I keep hearing mentions of black metal and punk being… Continue Reading →

Alice Donut – Freaks In Love (MVD Visual)

Emerging from the New York underground in 1986 Alice Donut originally chose the name Alice Donut Liver Henry Moore, a play on words of the Scorsese movie Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. On giving it to a gig promoter they… Continue Reading →

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