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The Moon And The Nightspirit – Aether (Prophecy Productions)

Back with their seventh album Hungarian folk duo Ágnes Tóth and Mihály Szabó are here to provide something a bit more mellow in these savage times and dip back into the past with legends and fairy-tales of yore. Not that… Continue Reading →

Thy Catafalque – Naiv (Season of Mist)

Thy Catafalque’s subliminal cuts – all weighed down with a suitably metal edge, of course – seem to have been propelling from relative cult status to more something more widely revered over recent albums. From sweet harmonies that wouldn’t go… Continue Reading →

Nagaarum – Apples (Aesthetic Death)

The whole concept of this is unusual. This album is a tribute to three scientists – Halley, Hooke and Newton, hence the “Apples” presumably and their relevance of the discovery of gravity. It is explained further that these scientists operated… Continue Reading →

Thy Catafalque – Geometria (Season of Mist)

Getting to grips with the wonders of Thy Catafalque is like wrestling with an agile, ever morphing, psychedelic serpent that wants to love you to death. In fact, as you can perhaps tell, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to convey the… Continue Reading →

Ektomorf – Fury (AFM)

While having formed 25 years ago, I’m only familiar with Ektomorf’s last 15 years of work and must admit that it has been rather consistent and I doubt those early observations shall be going away any time soon. But hey-ho,… Continue Reading →

The Moon and the Nightspirit – Metanoia (Prophecy)

“Metanoia” means an initiation, a rebirth, an awakening of the higher self, and the rekindling of an inner flame. Hungarian duo The Moon and the Nightspirit’s brand of folk and world music is a representation of this state. This isn’t… Continue Reading →

Thy Catafalque – Meta (Season of Mist)

After blowing my microbial brain through a nuclear-powered orgasmatron with last year’s full-length Sgùrr, I was slightly surprised Thy Catafalque had any creative juice left in the tank. Not only was Sgùrr one of the best albums I heard last… Continue Reading →

Arkhe – A (S/R)

Arkhe main man András Nagy has produced some decent black metal with his main band Sear Bliss. So it was intriguing to see how that might translate into another project which promised to be drawn up from a blank sheet…. Continue Reading →

Ektomorf – Aggressor (AFM)

It’s been a couple years since I reviewed Ektomorf and it would appear that I missed the album they released last year, but never mind, this more than makes up my dose of Hungarian metal. Well… I say Hungarian metal,… Continue Reading →

Ektomorf – Retribution (AFM)

Ektomorf have come in for a fair amount of stick over the years, particularly with regards to their lack of originality, or to put it more succinctly that they are an outright Soulfly clone. Admittedly the comparisons are far too… Continue Reading →

Conan’s First Date – The Devil is on the Loose (SR)

Bang your head! Conan’s First Date from Hungary come from the rampant thrashing death metal camp. This is their first album after a couple of ep’s. Starting with “The Man, The Monster”, there’s a feel of Pantera or one of… Continue Reading →

VHK (Galloping Coroners) – Bite The Stars! (Ektro)

Bright little cover up there isn’t it? It’s a bit like wrapping paper on a present. Makes me want to see what’s inside: Will it be a full body makeover or more socks? Mmm. Well. Apparently VHK are Hungarian shamanic… Continue Reading →

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