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The Great Old Ones, Bast & Conjurer – London Black Heart 21/3/15

Camden is amidst its normal stench exuding a particular shade of metal tonight. Vader and Hate are playing round the corner at the Underworld and the queue snakes down the road but furtive doom acolytes gather down the alley outside… Continue Reading →

Lavagoat – Ageless Nonsense S/R

Stomping forth like an unstoppable leviathan, the cyclopean Canuck doom machine that is Lavagoat has again delivered a concrete heavy slab of sonic misery, the long winters of their native Canada inspiring an outlook and sound that makes the likes… Continue Reading →

Interview – Atlantean Kodex

Once, years ago someone cited the music of Solefald as ‘music for eggheadbangers’. However with Bavaria’s well read sons Atlantean Kodex, you should never underestimate the ability of these articulate gents to produce music that as well as making you… Continue Reading →

Wakedead Gathering- The Gate and The Key (I, Voidhanger)

This Ohio based one man death metal project ‘s second full length is a concept album. Using the stylings of 20th Century Sci-Fi Horror maestro H.P. Lovecraft as a muse ‘The Gate and the Key’ tells the tale of an intrepid… Continue Reading →

Inquisition – Obscure Verses For The Multiverse (Season Of Mist)

The grand Inquisitors Dagon and Incubus are back and ready to probe and torture a confession out of you with album number six, their first with Season Of Mist. Pull up a comfy chair and prepare to meet the questions!… Continue Reading →

Head Of The Demon – ST (The Ajna Offensive)

I have to admit to initially not being too sure how to deal with this debut by Head Of The Demon. Lovecraft themed (there’s a lot of it about this year already). Swedish band with unknown members from name bands… Continue Reading →

Arkham Witch – Legions Of The Deep (Metal On Metal)

Half of four piece Arkham Witch (they’re from Keighley tha’ knows) are two thirds of eccentric doom wizards The Lamp Of Thoth (go on, do the math, it’s easy). That’d be Simon Iff? on those rich, mad vocals and Emily… Continue Reading →

Hesper Payne / Sabazius – Under The Alum Shale (Loathsome Unclean Music)

Two bands, two tracks and 65 minutes of music! This is what we have from two of the UK’s stygian doom clad Lovecraft worshippers. This is a tribute to the Old Ones, embracing the mythos and the madness in musical… Continue Reading →

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