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The Sabbathian – Latum Alterum (Svart Records)

So, hands up class, what kind of metal might we be dealing with when the band is called “The Sabbathian” ? Doom metal? Correct-a-mundo, albeit probably not quite in the vein that you’d be expecting. There are no Iommi-rip-off riffing… Continue Reading →

The Sabbathian – Ritual Rites (Svart)

If ever a name could conjure up a mental image, calling your band The Sabbathian and the debut EP ‘Ritual Rites’ does just that, creating an anticipation of dark tones, Black Sabbath guitar work, and lyrics of druidic mysticism; on… Continue Reading →

Vestal Claret – The Cult of Vestal Claret (Cruz Del Sur)

This American duo has had some great releases in recent times, newly assigned to Cruz Del Sur, this is a full album release that encompasses previously available tracks (the entire four track ‘Ungod’ split is re-recorded along with a re-recording/different… Continue Reading →

Olde – The Gates Of Dawn (Soulseller)

Olde are Stiofan deRioste (Celtachor) and Chad Davis (Hour Of 13) and their mission statement is “We are for the regression back to the days of virtuous pride and honour of the Elders.” and frankly it does exactly what that… Continue Reading →

Seamount – Earthmother (The Church Within)

This should be a total no-brainer as far as essential purposes go. Another outing for the band based around Tim Schmidt’s distinctive classic heavy metal guitar and Phil Swanson’s deeply emotive vocals and once again with the backing of the… Continue Reading →

Albatross – The Kissing Flies / Vestal Claret – Black Priest (Roadcrew Records)

This is an interesting split release. First off are Albatross who are an Epic Power Metal (i.e traditional metal) group from India, heavily influenced by the horror theatrics and vocal styles of King Diamond, and Sheavy’s Steve Hennessy. On the… Continue Reading →

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