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Horror Soundtrack

Accurst – Messenger Of Shadows (Aesthetic Death)

Cyprus, a jewelled island loved by practitioners of package holidays, a place of sunshine and delight, full of pleasure seekers and ice cream munching children. Well that’s the image that I have in my head but you can banish it… Continue Reading →

Clouds Taste Satanic – Dawn Of The Satanic Age (Kinda Like Music)

For three straight years now, Brooklyn based instrumental doomsters Clouds Taste Satanic have been producing an album a year, the quality of which has just continued to improve. 2014 saw ‘To Sleep Beyond The Stars’ with its single epic track… Continue Reading →

Blizaro – Cornucopia della Morte (I,Voidhanger)

“Cornucopia della Morte” finally sees the light of day having been put together in 2013 but kept on ice while its’ mastermind, John Gallo pursued solo interests. The wait has been well worth it too because Blizaro’s second full length… Continue Reading →

Mekigah – Litost (Aesthetic Death)

Always one for the unusual, I was immediately intrigued by the promise of symphonic, experimental, horror soundtrack enthused ambient, darkwave doom. A bit of research told me that Mekigah is basically the work of one Australian called Vis Ortis. “Litost”… Continue Reading →

Clouds Taste Satanic – Your Doom Has Come (Kinda Like Music)

I was rather surprised when the editor sent me the new Clouds Taste Satanic CD ‘ Your Doom Has Come’ to review; my first thought being, “They’re bloody prolific as I’m sure I reviewed their last one only a couple… Continue Reading →

Lychgate – An Antidote for the Glass Pill (Blood Music)

Now, who doesn’t appreciate a massive organ? Lychgate certainly do, as theirs takes centre stage for album number 2, ‘An Antidote for the Glass Pill’. While not wanting to sound dismissive and flippant, when a particular instrument plays such a… Continue Reading →

Black Queen – The Directress (S/R)

If your idea of a cracking album is one that has level of atmosphere and suspense akin to that of a Hitchcock movie, with the sole purpose of beautifully terrifying the listener, then you will have found your new favourite… Continue Reading →

Goblin Rebirth – S/T (Relapse)

The band that started life as Oliver, morphed into Cherry Five and then finally Goblin in the mid 70’s have certainly been through a confusing conundrum of stages and splinter groups since they fragmented in the early 80’s. The band… Continue Reading →

Anima Morte – Upon Darkened Stains (Transubstans)

Horror soundtrack music is really getting a massive resurgence at the moment. It’s partly due to Claudio Simonetti and his tireless gigging with his version of Goblin doing live shows accompanied by the Dario Argento films that they scored in… Continue Reading →

Karna – Nekronautica: Chronicles of Lost Souls (Spectral Halls)

As I mentioned in my review of [Coldstrain] on these pages, Russian black ambient sorcerers Karna are now no more. Despite this it appears that they managed to slip a final full length album ‘Circle Of Nav’ past me on… Continue Reading →

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