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Hobbs’ Angel of Death

Valkyrja – Throne Ablaze (WTC)

In preparation for a European Assault with Marduk and Archgoat, Stockholm’s black metal misanthropists unleash ‘Throne Ablaze’ and they don’t disappoint with a vitriolic display of hostility. Having been spawned in 2004, the Swedes have evolved their sound and gained… Continue Reading →

Eskhaton – Omegalitheos (Lavadome)

Ah, ok. Well first this is a super bit of packaging; excellent cover art and real attention to the internal art/layout too which is a) always nice to see and b) a good sign of intent. If like me you… Continue Reading →

Infernal Majesty – No God (High Roller Records)

Blimey, here’s a band with a history. These Canadian thrashers are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. Thirty years…..what were you doing thirty years ago? Chances are you weren’t even alive. Well these Canucks were churning out quality thrash metal… Continue Reading →

Metal For Melbourne – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne 14/1/17

My timing for arriving in Australia to see my sister and a friend has been excellent as in the first week I managed to get to two gigs, the first of which was Sanzu (also reviewed by yours truly) and… Continue Reading →

Violentor – Maniacs (GFY Productions)

So here we have the latest offering from Italian filthmongers Violentor, for those unfamiliar Violentor are a shamelessly old school thrash/punk crossover band. I will never forget, I came across this band’s stuff for the first time when playing an… Continue Reading →

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