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Blood Of Seklusion – Servants Of Chaos (FDA Records)

I wasn’t familiar with Blood of Seklusion prior to receiving this and having read the opening promo blurb that, rather confusingly stated “Swedish death metal from Italy” I started to frown and get a bit grumpy. Now Italy is famous… Continue Reading →

Interment – Scent of the Buried (Pulverised)

In fairness, given that they’ve been about since 1991, you’d probably expect Interment to know what they’re doing when it comes to properly Swedish old school death metal.Turns out that they really do know what they’re doing alright, and that… Continue Reading →

Entombed A.D. – Dead Dawn (Century Media)

Well, the dust has well and truly settled on the whole “who is Entombed?” spectacle now, with this, the second album from ex-Entombed alumni coalescing around the name “Entombed A.D.” in a permanent line up.  I was quite taken with… Continue Reading →

Lifeless – Godconstruct (FDA Rekotz)

These German’s perform Swedeath rather well, their last offering, their first official full length album ‘Beyond the Threshold of Death’ was rather special (released in 2008 but there was a major distribution re-release in 2010 with different artwork). With all… Continue Reading →

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