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Hexvessel – All Tree (Century Media / Prophecy)

Surely the album title should actually be ‘All Hug A Tree’ but I guess that would have been a bit too obvious even if it is the sort of practice Finnish forest folk Hexvessel do on a daily basis. Not… Continue Reading →

Dark Buddha Rising – II (Neurot)

Roadburn 2012. I made my plan for each festival day to catch my favourite bands, yet such plans always go to hell as soon as the day starts. Somehow, I managed to end up at a show of Dark Buddha… Continue Reading →

Kairon; Irse! – Ruination (Svart)

Ever wondered what it might sound like to be catching up on your old Simon & Garfunkel/ Stone Roses / Mercury Rev records, having a warm breeze blowing in your face, while sitting on a carousel going slightly too fast?… Continue Reading →

Hexvessel – When We Are Death (Century Media)

I have been a little starved of hearing the distinct dulcet tones of ex-patriot singer Matthew McNerney aka Kvohst of late. His Beastmilk project rebranded as Grave Pleasures have gained more mainstream success and latest album Dreamcrash didn’t see its… Continue Reading →

Tusmørke – Riset Bak Speilet (Svart Records)

Anyone up for a good old-fashioned campfire freakout? Addled minds and heightened senses, merry jigs and sudden noises and, all the while, dark shadows cavort across the trunks of gnarled, bent trees. The identical Momrak twins of Tusmørke (meaning “Twilight”) clearly… Continue Reading →

Sabbath Assembly – Quaternity (Svart)

Whilst so many bands babble incessantly about Satan and declare their hatred towards God Sabbath Assembly have a direction that is like a breath of fresh air and go into depths far more fully and comprehensively than so many of… Continue Reading →

Beastmilk – Climax (Svart)

Bands who are jumping on the coat tails of the gloomier sounds of the eighties seem to be in vogue at the moment. There are a lot of people who never lived through the times getting in a froth about… Continue Reading →

Hexvessel – No Holier Temple (Svart Records)

Hexvessel love trees. It’s quite clear that the “Temple” in the title of their sophomore album is referring to all things nature and, in particular, the life cycles of those tall, knotty skyscrapers themselves. Mat McNerney and his “Death Magicians”… Continue Reading →

Beastmilk – Use Your Deluge (Svart Records)

This maybe a band name that initially makes you think WTF, but then it’s the music that really matters. Perhaps you’ll recall a couple of years back, Kvohst (Code, DHG, Hexvessel) set up a new project with some other musicians,… Continue Reading →

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