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Audiotopsy – Natural Causes (Napalm)

Audiotopsy may be a new name, but in it there are two former members of Mudvayne (one who was also in Hellyeah) and one member of Skrape. Initially this piqued my interest given that I thought it might contain Ryan… Continue Reading →

Texas Hippie Coalition – Peacemaker (Carved Records)

Well howdy and welcome to the Lone Star State, y’all. If you’re into guns and Stetsons, cowboys and whisky, then you’re gonna just love Texas Hippie Coalition. THC’s frontman Big Dad Ritch has said “We want the people that love… Continue Reading →

All Hail The Yeti – All Hail The Yeti (AFM Records)

These Sasquatch-obsessed metalheads are based in sunny Los Angeles rather than the wilds of some wintry country and that is, indeed, rather baffling. Only a mug would believe these songs were written on the beach and their PR blurb leads… Continue Reading →

Hellyeah – Band Of Brothers (Eleven Seven Music)

The Texan supergroup, Hellyeah, have been around for several years so we’re probably all up to speed by now with who they are and where they come from, so for the uninitated, I’ll be brief. They consist of members from… Continue Reading →

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