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Helheim – New Song Ísuð Premiere

With the date of Norwegian Viking warriors Helheim’s tenth album Rignir fast approaching via Dark Essence Records 0n the 26th April, Ave Noctum is proud to present a first taster from it in the form of the UK Premiere of… Continue Reading →

Ovate – S/T (Soulseller Records)

Ovate announce their arrival on the ever evolving black metal scene with their eponymous debut album, boasting a veritable smorgasbord of guest artists from the Norwegian black metal community, and making a bold statement as they trample across sub-genre boundaries…. Continue Reading →

Inferno Festival – Oslo, Norway 12-15th April 2017 Day 2

Day Two Thursday 13th April Before the festival began on day two, I paid a visit to the excellent Katakomben records store, and emptied my wallet on a variety of hard to find black metal releases, before heading back to the hotel… Continue Reading →

Helheim – landawarijaR (Dark Essence)

I could not have asked for a better musical companion to the last couple of cold winter weeks and Norse Viking brigade Helheim’s 9th album has been spun on a near daily basis. There’s always plenty of depth about their… Continue Reading →

Black Hole Generator – A Requiem For Terra (Dark Essence)

As I write this it looks as though the ‘American people’ have elected a president. After staring in abject disbelief at their ‘choice’ the black, stripped, hopeless sound of the title and title track here are an appropriate soundscape to… Continue Reading →

Heimdalls Wacht – Geisterseher (Trollzorn)

Thank god – and by that I mean the guardian of Bifrost himself – that Heimdalls Wacht has returned. Last year’s full-length was all over the place – bloated, too reliant on the clichés of the genre and too long… Continue Reading →

Dayal Patterson – Black Metal Into The Abyss (The Cult Never Dies)

If such honours were bestowed Dayal Patterson is fast becoming the person most likely to be recognised as being an official biographer of the black metal scene. This is now his third book following on from Feral House publication Black… Continue Reading →

Panychida – Haereticalia: The Night Battles (Cursed Records)

Welcome to the latest “memorial service” from Czech Republic brigands Panychida. I remember their last campaign well, 2013 release ‘Grief Of An Idol’ proved to be an enthralling journey of pagan metal complete with themes of ancient death rituals and… Continue Reading →

Enslaved & Vulture Industries – London The Dome 17/3/16

It’s St Patrick’s Day and people are out celebrating in the very Irish pub below the venue tonight; no plastic paddies here! The rest of us are about for a different type of cultural heritage due to a Viking invasion… Continue Reading →

Helheim – raunijaR (Dark Essence)

Nope the keyboard gremlins have not been at play here, raunijaR is the correct title and way that Helheim have chosen to represent this, their eighth album. There is always a mark of quality about what they do and this… Continue Reading →

Heimdalls Wacht – Ut de Graute Olle Tied (Deel II) – Land der Nebel (Black Skull Records)

You have to admire a band that kicks off an album with a genre-defining epic that most other bands would have saved until the very last. The 13 minute pagan metal standard bearer – and add a couple of minutes… Continue Reading →

Infera Bruo – In Conjuration (Bindrune)

I’m all up for a bit of black metal that’s so cold feels like someone’s dropped an entire bag of ice cubes down your back and you’ve got your vest tucked into your underpants. So chilly, it hurts. But this… Continue Reading →

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