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Eliminator – Last Horizon (Dissonance)

Eliminator – Last Horizon (Dissonance)

So here it is, finally, their debut album. Having witnessed various line ups and investing in previous releases, the first full length album from Eliminator is upon us. This is perhaps their strongest line up to date too, and if the initial play through is.. Read More
Ignitor – Haunted By Rock & Roll (EMP)

Ignitor – Haunted By Rock & Roll (EMP)

Ignitor have been around for a while; it’s a couple of albums since I really listened to them, and so it’s kind of a fresh pair of ears for this one. “True” heavy metal from Texas, however “true” this maybe, executive producer and label owner/founder.. Read More
Solstice -  White Horse Hill (Invictus)

Solstice – White Horse Hill (Invictus)

Twenty years. Twenty. Years. Two decades since the classic epic doom sounds of New Dark Age first graced us, and legends Solstice were only actually inactive for five of those. Since then the band have gigged, written, road tested, rewritten, demoed and road tested again.. Read More
Old Mother Hell – Old Mother Hell (Cruz Del Sur)

Old Mother Hell – Old Mother Hell (Cruz Del Sur)

Heavy metal is something I enjoy. The simple and straight to the point, no nonsense attack of riffs which demand headbanging, the vocals which have that power and hypnotic effect which makes you want to raise your fist in the air, the sheer loudness and.. Read More
Sacred Leather - Ultimate Force (Cruz Del Sur)

Sacred Leather – Ultimate Force (Cruz Del Sur)

It’s that time again travellers. Back to the future we go. Sacred Leather. Ultimate Force.  Tonight we’re gonna party like its 1983! Lifting the curtain of mystique for just a second this is Dustin Boltjes of Skeletonwitch’s chance to step from behind the drum stool strap.. Read More
Destroyer 666 - Call Of The Wild (Season Of Mist)

Destroyer 666 – Call Of The Wild (Season Of Mist)

I think it’s fair to say by now that Destroyer 666 are the heavy metal epitome of what does not kill you makes you stronger. Whatever you think of their ultra alpha male tribal/gang philosophy, 2017 showed how hard they stand their ground when attacked.. Read More
Black Wizard - Livin’ Oblivion (Listenable)

Black Wizard – Livin’ Oblivion (Listenable)

Canada’s Black Wizard have continued to carve out a reputation on the local heavy metal scene since their first release back in 2010. Ahead of a UK tour with Anciients, their fourth LP, “Livin’ Oblivion” will keep their riff arsenal well stocked. The twin guitar.. Read More
Therion – Beloved Antichrist (Nuclear Blast Records)

Therion – Beloved Antichrist (Nuclear Blast Records)

I’ll firstly state here and now that I am a complete and utter fan boy of Therion and have been since the first album released in 1991. I missed the demo years and have tried to buy them but with little success, but even on.. Read More
Visigoth - Conqueror's Oath (Metal Blade)

Visigoth – Conqueror’s Oath (Metal Blade)

I’ll clear one thing up straight away, Visigoth aren’t Goth in any way. I was once misled in a similar way by Belgian Metallers Ostrogoth, who also aren’t Goth-like…but they do have a little in common with Visigoth ironically. Not that I wanted either of.. Read More
Desolation Angels – King (Dissonance)

Desolation Angels – King (Dissonance)

Long time NWOBHM legends Desolation Angels have always been at the heavier end of the spectrum, if you have seen them live in recent years you will know what I mean. ‘King’ is the first release to feature Paul Taylor (Elixir/Midnight Messiah) on vocals, and.. Read More
Crucifyre - Post Vulcanic Black (Pulverised Records)

Crucifyre – Post Vulcanic Black (Pulverised Records)

The Stockholm old-schoolers return with this, their third album, following from their last release, “Black Magic Fire” back in 2014. I have “Black Magic Fire” in my own personal collection, and while I remember enjoying it, I wasn’t completely blown away with it. There have.. Read More
Anguish - Magna Est Vis Suignah (High Roller)

Anguish – Magna Est Vis Suignah (High Roller)

Founded in 2007, Sweden’s Anguish have experienced a number of line-up changes and creative dry spells. However, the start of a new decade for the band finds them reaching back to their roots and sounding reinvigorated after 2014’s “Mountain”. Vocalist and bass man, J Dee.. Read More