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Finsterforst – Rastlos (Napalm Records)

Finally. Some folk-infused metal with iron running through its veins. I mean, imagine we’re walking through the dark pagan forest with nothing at our sides but sharpened blades, surrounded by enemies who want to take our wives and sell our… Continue Reading →

Interview – Overkill

It’s late on a Sunday and Overkill are in town. For those who missed their brief gig at the 100 club a couple of months back, the full European tour is now in progress, the band were also taking in… Continue Reading →

Pagan Flame – Symbole de Vie et de Lumiere (Wolftyr)

My first task here was trying to decipher the band’s name as their logo makes it practically impossible. Their logo on the disc itself was a swirling struck by lightning sunwheel as far as I could guess and the spine… Continue Reading →

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