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Heathen Metal

Vargafrost – Honour, Blood, Spirit and Love (Naturmacht)

Vargafrost has managed to perfectly join two parts of the black metal world into one intriguing release with Honour, Blood, Nature and Love (we’ll come back that that title shortly). Whereas some of the best heathen black metal I’ve heard… Continue Reading →

Khors – Night Falls onto the Front of Ours (Candelight)

Khors seem to have been carving a good reputation for a long time, treading a path of heathen black metal, so I was surprised to find out that their first album was not released until 2005. “Night Falls onto the… Continue Reading →

Twilight of the Gods – Fire on the Mountain (Season of Mist)

The number of times I have heard the tiresome arguments about band x or y “not being metal” I have always countered with the same answer. Metal, in the non-material sense, is not just a style of music. It is… Continue Reading →

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