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Warhorns Festival – The Venue, Selby, 21-23/9/17 Part 3

Saturday 23/9  Well it was always going to be touch and go as to whether we got into town early enough to see Stonebearer, but we had to eat so sadly missed them. We did see Bristol band Mordrake though…. Continue Reading →

Heathen Deity – Religious Purification Through Fire (S/R)

Funny you know, but for someone writing for a site that specialises in underground music I don’t get to listen to many Demos. Sad ‘cos I love them. A few even end up being regular spins years later (Atlantean Kodex,… Continue Reading →

The Blackwood Gathering – Fell Foot Wood, Cumbria 7-8/10/16

It’s fair to say that The Blackwood Gathering is not your average UK metal festival. Forget mainstream metal for the masses, dodgy burger vans and over priced watered down beer. This is how a music festival should be…. The Blackwood… Continue Reading →

Torver/Arcane North – From Moonrise to Moonset (Blackwood Productions)

Hats off to the label for accommodating these two bands from the north of England for this split album. The bands’ own creations are sandwiched between an ambient intro and outro as they would be known in some circles. I’m… Continue Reading →

Written in Torment – Bellum Omnium contra Omnes (Glorious North Productions)

Scenes of devastation, a man in corpse paint and a spidery logo point to one thing: black metal. The man in question is Leviathan who has been weaving his solo warmongering since 2003 after playing with other Yorkshire-based black metal… Continue Reading →

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