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Havok – V (Century Media)

Colorado thrasher’s Havok are back with their 5th studio release, the appropriately named ‘V’. After “Conformicide”, their 2017 release which was greeted with a mixed reception but delivered with a high intensity touring schedule, ‘V’ sees the band pushing onwards… Continue Reading →

Revocation – The Outer Ones (Metal Blade)

Boston’s Technical Death/Thrash Metal titans Revocation are back again and adding their latest effort into what has been a packed 2018 in terms of album releases, both released and upcoming. Whilst people have been heaping praise on bands like Behemoth… Continue Reading →

Havok – Conformicide (Century Media)

NO KARATE IN THE PIT! You heard!  Denver based Thrashers Havok are still as vehemently old school in their approach to music and there are no toxic beer mugs or tough guy macho stylings in sight. I interviewed founding vocalist/guitarist… Continue Reading →

Lost Society – Braindead (Nuclear Blast)

Thrash is middle aged.  It is now the thirty year anniversary of what are considered by most the genres seminal releases. The acts that sweated over them both in the US and in Germany are still on the road and… Continue Reading →

Savage Messiah- The Fateful Dark (Earache)

The fourth release from this London Thrash 4 piece is a meaty affair, helped in no small part to the production of Scott Atkins at Grindstone studios.  When I say meaty I am talking full on Brazilian barbecue gut buster… Continue Reading →

Interview – Roarback

Roarback! A name you’d best get familiar with. These Danish thrashers are only just out of their teens and have released a total banger of a debut album with ‘Echoes Of Pain’. Ave Noctum caught up with vocalist Dennis Ullehus… Continue Reading →

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