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Hypnos – Set Fire to the Sky (The Sign Recordings)

Well after the initial play through, this album pretty much writes its own review. These Swedes, now into album number three, take a modern stance on classic rock. Wow, does this deliver. I found them only recently via a 7… Continue Reading →

The Nightflight Orchestra – Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough (Nuclear Blast)

Side projects are an interesting thing, especially when they are a chance for the musicians involved to explore different musical territories to the ones they are known for. Bjorn Strid is mainly known as the vocalist in Soliwork and Sharlee… Continue Reading →

Lordi – Sexorcism (AFM)

Guilty pleasures, let’s face it we all have them although they are only really guilty if you’re ashamed of them. For someone like me with absolutely zero street cred there is no reason to be embarrassed by such things as… Continue Reading →

Blitzkrieg – Judge Not (Mighty Music)

Following on after a five year recordings hiatus, Blitzkrieg have been well revered over the years from various sources, mainly for their inclusion in the original NWOBHM movement. For a few years now, Blitzkrieg have expanded their musical output and… Continue Reading →

Voodoo Circle – Raised On Rock (AFM)

If you have a penchant for Melodic Metal’s heady late 80’s period of wealth there are still plenty of routes open to you if you want to reconnect with those halcyon days. Many of the bands have reformed, some of… Continue Reading →

Twelve Boar – No Forgiveness (S/R)

Firstly, let me start this review with a complaint aimed directly at the band: why did you change your name from XII Boar to Twelve Boar, and was it for any reason other than to mess up my ipod’s alphabetically… Continue Reading →

High Spirits – Escape (High Roller)

The ever reliable High Spirits, I missed the chance to see them earlier this year as I had ticket in hand, but no bloody trains, at least I have memories of the last time I swung my hips to this… Continue Reading →

Dead Lord – In Ignorance We Trust (Century Media)

I’ve found this a perfect continuation of their last album ‘Heads Held high’, in my review of that the unashamed influence of Thin Lizzy was mentioned. We won’t go there anymore, it gets a bit repetitive after a while as… Continue Reading →

Demon Eye – Prophecies and Lies (Soulseller Records)

Was it really a whole two years ago that I was sitting down at this very keyboard to review Demon Eye’s last rather good release ‘Tempora Infernalia’, I rhetorically ask? Yep, a quick check through the archives of my laptop… Continue Reading →

Affaire – Neon Gods (Raging Planet)

With PR material heralding tales of Sunset Strip influence, this Lisbon/Portuguese band present a nicely packaged digi EP containing 5 tracks, one of which is a Beatles cover. The style is typical, a little messy, whilst the ideas are there,… Continue Reading →

Adrenaline Mob – We the People (Century Media)

Adrenaline Mob have been described as a super-group with current links to Symphony X and Trans-Siberian Orchestra and past ones to Dream Theater, Disturbed, Twisted Sister and a whole host of others. It’s more than a side project as it’s… Continue Reading →

Nitrogods – Roadkill BBQ (Steamhammer)

This will be a short one. Nitrogods are German & sound (and look) like a Motorhead / ZZ Top covers band. Which of course, is not necessarily a bad thing. This is their third album of beer soaked, rock &… Continue Reading →

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