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Violation Wound – Dying To Live Dying To Die (Peaceville Records)

This US acts last album, “With Man In Charge” was a vitriolic assault on the senses laying waste to all those who dared to listen to it as Reifert and his cohort continues to poison us with dense riddled punk… Continue Reading →

Bloodclot – Up In Arms (Metal Blade)

Super-group. An epithet banded about since the seventies and usually used for a bunch of rich hippies who got stoned and decided to make some extra cash by rehashing riffs from their parent bands. Hardcore. A genre that seems to… Continue Reading →

Simbiose – Trapped (Anti Corpos)

This lot have a bit of history behind them and Trapped is their sixth album since Simbiose formed way back in 1991 in Lisbon Portugal. With that in mind this is not modern metal but synonymous with the period they… Continue Reading →

Memories of a Dead Man – Ashes of Joy (S/R)

Postcore, postrock, postman, postcrete. What is all this post stuff?  It is one genre prefix (should that be post fix?) that I don’t get.   Post Core is how Memories of A Deadman are described .  Not to be confused with Theory… Continue Reading →

Violation Wound – S/T (Vic Records)

Not even a year after formation and Chris Reifert, he of Autopsy infamy, dons a guitar for this project of booze fuelled punk rock with subtle hints of metal on this debut full length. It can be dangerous to an… Continue Reading →

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