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Hammerfall – Built To Last (Napalm)

As summer ends and winter looms on the horizon, the clichéd view to take is that the later months of the year are ripe for the Northern European stongholds of music to flex their worth, given how in places, it’s… Continue Reading →

Iron Mask – Diabolica (AFM)

Iron Mask is now releasing their sixth album and have spent two years preparing it. Originally set up as a power metal side project, their impressive credentials including the fact they have played alongside Hammerfall and Europe, it looks like the… Continue Reading →

Iron Fire – Among The Dead (Crime Records)

Still keeping alive the fine tradition of German Power/Heavy Metal are Iron Fire…from Denmark. Well, it’s near enough, and they are no strangers to the scene either, this being their eighth full-length studio album and first for Crime Records. The… Continue Reading →

Burning Point – S/T (AFM)

Well it’s all change in the Burning Point camp…actually it’s not ALL change – they have a new vocalist…which makes it a major change…or, if vocals aren’t that important to you, it’s just “a change” really isn’t it…shall I start… Continue Reading →

BattleroaR – Blood Of Legends (Cruz Del Sur)

Greek metal outfit BattleroaR (apparently that last capital R is important…) are one of those bands I’ve been aware of for years but save for a fleeting listen a long time ago have never properly crossed my path. So here… Continue Reading →

Overtures – Entering the Maze (Sleaszy Rider)

I like Italian metal in general and of the prog-power fraternity I particularly like DGM and Kingcrow. There’s such an energy and creativity about them. I didn’t know Overtures but they’ve been going since 2003 and this is their third… Continue Reading →

Pretty Maids – Motherland (Frontiers Records)

If ever there were a band that did not receive the recognition for genuine fulfilling song-writing with total metal credentials in their earlier days then it is Denmark’s Pretty Maids. You may have heard their tunes covered before (Hammerfall –… Continue Reading →

Alpha Tiger – Beneath The Surface (Century Media)

Germany’s Alpha Tiger reckon that they’re showing that you don’t have to be ancient to play true, traditional heavy metal. Well I’m sure Bullet, Enforcer, Cauldron, Wolf, Dark Forest, In Solitude and dozens of others would be intrigued to know… Continue Reading →

3 Inches of Blood – Long Live Heavy Metal (Century Media)

They cannot be serious. “Long Live Heavy Metal” has to be the most trite album title I’ve ever seen. Is it a wind-up, a 1970s K-Tel re-release or a genuine belief, I asked myself. I had to find out so… Continue Reading →

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