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Godthrymm – A Grand Reclamation (Transcending Records)

Supergroups aren’t a new idea, but are they always a good idea? A vast number of highly creative individuals crammed into one space with influences and styles running amok may sound like a recipe for success but it can potentially… Continue Reading →

My Dying Bride – Feel The Misery (Peaceville)

We are a bit late to the party here and when I say party it’s not a happy one in the slightest; no jelly, ice cream, balloons and clowns here. The reason why for the delay is that we were… Continue Reading →

Paradise Lost – The Plague Within (Century Media)

After 27 years, it’s album number 14 for Halifax’s finest, Paradise Lost, and what a hell of a journey it’s been so far! Their humble and deathly beginnings gave rise to the pioneering style of “Gothic Metal”, before they went… Continue Reading →

The Prophecy – Salvation (Code666)

Forget various other bands sporting this name, it is time to pop over to West Yorkshire for the only real Prophecy that means a damn in the world we dwell as far as I am concerned. There is something maybe… Continue Reading →

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