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Oblivion Gate – Wisdom Of The Grave (ATMF)

Ah Matron Thorn, musically we meet again and so soon after the last Benighted In Sodom album. Between these releases he has also cropped up with new Ævangelist material and these are just a few of many projects he is… Continue Reading →

Disastroid – Mortal Fools (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Heavy Psych Sounds is an underground label that continues to gain respect for their signings, and from their name you could well guess the sort of sound that characterised their first forays. However, taking a step away from purely nominative… Continue Reading →

Big Scenic Nowhere – Vision Beyond Horizon (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Fans of desert and stoner rock are in for a treat with this collaboration that strings together an impressive selection of contributors. Whilst some collaborations don’t quite come together, this one is a different kettle of fish. Fu Manchu’s Bob… Continue Reading →

Hammerhands – Model Citizen (S/R)

Not sure what they’re gargling in Ontario these days? From first track until last, the vocals ocellate from screamo, shouted barking to gargled, tar thick growling that sounds like a dying victim of a great white shark attack trying to… Continue Reading →

Spacetrucker – Smooth Orbit – 2nd Pass (S/R)

Go on, just from the name guess what kind of music Spacetrucker play? Actually yes, but this St Louis trio have a little more under their cosmic hood than meets the eye. This is I believe their second self released… Continue Reading →

Temple Of Lies – The Serial Killer Suite (Attic Records)

Hot on the heels of 2016’s “From Sands”, Temple Of Lies have wasted no time in taking advantage of the creative juices that have been flowing. Indeed, “The Serial Killer Suite” finds these Leicester lads in quite rude health. I… Continue Reading →

Tengger Cavalry – Die On My Ride (M Theory)

For those of you just joining us I’ve been a huge, enthusiastic and vocal fan of Mongolian folk metal band Tengger Cavalry, formed around mastermind Nature G, since Thee Ed pointed me at their demo years ago. Through a slew… Continue Reading →

Achiote – Loneliness of Endless Days (V.R. Label)

OK, I admit it, I looked into the band, saw the words Finland and Melancholic, coupled with the title of the album and did rather leap to conclusions, expecting something along the lines of Sentenced, Charon, To/Die/For or even Amorphis…. Continue Reading →

Servers – Everything is OK (Undergroove Records)

“Well I know what I just said. For those of you who came with us, everything is OK” intones the voice and just like that this sophomore provides the perfect link to their debut and we’re off. Having shown us… Continue Reading →

Earth Ship – Hollowed (Napalm)

Berlin’s Earth Ship are a band that crosses genres. Depending on your state of mind when you press play, you’ll hear something different each and every time. Firing out two parts doom and one part southern metal, Earth Ship have… Continue Reading →

Chestburster – Slime And Guilt (Svart)

My initial enthusiasm for this band was due to the fact that I thought this was the grinding terror UK version of Chestburster only to find that this is the Finnish version. A quick listen online gave me enough to… Continue Reading →

Them Stones – S/T (Division Records)

Them Stones formed in 2012 and this self-titled cut is the band’s debut effort. Having been influenced by the ‘90’s Seattle grunge scene, these Swiss gentlemen look to make their own mark without being held down to any genre in… Continue Reading →

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