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Overkill – The Wings of War (Nuclear Blast)

Overkill need no introduction, they are thrash masters and since I got into them in the 80’s I have never felt disappointed by one of their releases, no matter what people say, these are the dogs bollocks, always have been,… Continue Reading →

Soulfly – Ritual (Nuclear Blast)

It has been 20 years since Max Cavalera announced the presence of Soulfly on the music scene with their self titled debut album and despite numerous line-up changes over the years and some very noteworthy guest appearances, the band has… Continue Reading →

The Haunted – Strength In Numbers (Century Media)

AC/DC. Van Halen. Black Sabbath. Candlemass*. The list goes on. What list, you may enquire? Why, the list of bands of whom there are multiple singers across their discography, where there is a prevailing opinion about whom the best vocalist… Continue Reading →

Dead Asylum – Death Always Wins (S/R)

Vancouver’s Dead Asylum don’t pull their punches. Formed in 2011 and releasing their debut full length in 2013, the four piece bring a blend of groove metal, death metal and thrash metal to the table and it is rather delicious… Continue Reading →

Voice of Ruin – Purge and Purify (Tenacity Music)

Start off by screaming “Disgust” and go belting off with some punchy thrash-groove metal, and you’ve got an idea of this. It’s got all the growly bits and aggression but thanks to the melody and fluidity it’s quite jolly actually…. Continue Reading →

Malkavian – Annihilating The Shades (Finisterian Dead End)

Nantes based Malkavian have been kicking around for about 10 years. With an EP and their full length debut to their name, “Annihilating The Shades” is a release that finds the band ready to make their mark. They’ve had plenty… Continue Reading →

Burn Damage – Age of Vultures (Raging Planet Records)

  This is the début album of a Portuguese quartet from Lisbon and thankfully it’s not lamentable or operatic, but rather solid thrashy death with plenty of groove to get its hooks in you. If you were to hear the intro… Continue Reading →

Nula – Kenoma (Black Bow)

Belgrade based, post-Sludge five piece Nula are rather intense musically. With beer and dope, along with some filthy and heavy sounds as their main influences and being billed as something for fans of Cathedral and Type O Negative, there are… Continue Reading →

Revolution Within – Annihilation (Rastilho Records)

Portugal isn’t exactly a place you would associate with thrash metal when it comes to recognisable artists. Aside from the rather intense and impressive Switchtense which I covered earlier this year, my only real experience with Portuguese metal are the… Continue Reading →

The Bendal Interlude – Reign Of The Unblinking Eye (Black Bow)

Back in the early to mid 2000’s, Liverpool was a hotbed for promising metal bands. You had Ogun who played a pounding, heavy groove based metal style, Obsolete who were a fantastic pseudo-death metal act, Metro Manila Aide who were… Continue Reading →

The Hangman’s Lament – Eye For An Eye (Thorzilla)

Dutch groove laden thrashers The Hangman’s Lament are an interesting bunch. Inspired by Norse mythology, in particular the tale of Odin hanging himself from a tree for a period of days to gain enlightenment, and using their time in previous… Continue Reading →

Prong – X- No Absolutes (SPV)

Time can fall heavily on most of us: as I type this the press is sadly full of stories of musical icons succumbing to the ravages of age; my hair is getting grayer by the day; and once vibrant bands… Continue Reading →

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