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Worselder – Paradigms Lost (S/R)

Worselder – Paradigms Lost (S/R)

Groovers in the heart of the 90’s, well that strikes as a pretty good descriptive line to sum up this lot from the Pyrenees Mountain region of France. Just to clarify they play groove metal and it sounds very much like a lot of the.. Read More
Task Force Beer - The Meaning Of Life (S/R)

Task Force Beer – The Meaning Of Life (S/R)

Task Force Beer (also known as T.FB) are a death/grind/groove five piece from Trier, down in the Rhineland region of Germany who came together in 2015. Composed of members who featured in regional bands of similar styles, the gents, with a hefty dose of alcohol.. Read More
Prong - Zero Days (SPV)

Prong – Zero Days (SPV)

Prong, the New York City based trio and brainchild of Tommy Victor, undoubtedly one of the most influential musicians of our era. A pioneer in the Industrial Metal and Groove Metal genres, a man with a knack for writing some fantastic riffs and iconic songs.. Read More
LeadRobot – ST (S/R)

LeadRobot – ST (S/R)

Groove Metal four piece LeadRobot from Leeds are rather heavy. With clever use of samples, a massive sound, heavy as hell tone and some thundering work from the rhythm section, the four components of the band really pull no punches with their riffs, as this.. Read More
Decapitated - Anticult (Nuclear Blast)

Decapitated – Anticult (Nuclear Blast)

I’ve been a semi-regular visitor to Poland since the late 90’s, and I’ve brought back loads of Polish metal CD’s on my travels. Decapitated are one of the bands that I really grew to love, particularly with “Winds of Creation” and “Nihility”, at which time.. Read More
Adrenaline Mob – We the People (Century Media)

Adrenaline Mob – We the People (Century Media)

Adrenaline Mob have been described as a super-group with current links to Symphony X and Trans-Siberian Orchestra and past ones to Dream Theater, Disturbed, Twisted Sister and a whole host of others. It’s more than a side project as it’s their third album, they’ve headlined.. Read More
Mrome – Noetic Collision On The Roof Of Hell (S/R)

Mrome – Noetic Collision On The Roof Of Hell (S/R)

Apart from a Bandcamp page there is little in the way of Internet presence about this Polish group but a bit of digging shows that they were formerly known as Kingdom and existed between 1995 and 2002. They never got past the demo stage before.. Read More
Akani - Through My Darkest Infernal  (Demons Run Amok Entertainment)

Akani – Through My Darkest Infernal (Demons Run Amok Entertainment)

Intercontinental collaborations are nothing new these days. With the advances in recording software and hosting sites, bands can individually compose their works and then send them to each other, continually working back and forth before mastering in studios and the final mix. It’s only expected.. Read More
Devilment - II: The Mephisto Waltzes (Nuclear Blast)

Devilment – II: The Mephisto Waltzes (Nuclear Blast)

When their debut came out 2 years ago I watched the videos that were released, but neglected to go out and grab the album as I wasn’t really too sure I would want to. If it’s anything like their latest release, more the fool am.. Read More
3rd Machine - Quantified Self (Into The Limelight)

3rd Machine – Quantified Self (Into The Limelight)

Dutch quintet 3rd Machine hail from Haarlem and bring some serious groove metal with heaviness being the main focus of their sound. Gaining good reviews in their homeland and surrounding European nations, their debut “Quantified Self” which features a guest vocal appearance from Mark Jansen.. Read More
Bioscrape - Psychologram (Overdub Recordings)

Bioscrape – Psychologram (Overdub Recordings)

This was a case of an album when a switch automatically opened in my head. I realised that after wrongly thinking everything sounded the same, in fact it was a case of appreciating this band’s personal mix of styles. Rumbustuous rhythms and aggressive hardcore vocals.. Read More
7th Abyss – Unvoiced (TrollZorn)

7th Abyss – Unvoiced (TrollZorn)

This is the debut album from Bavarian metallers 7th Abyss and I have to say it’s a bit of a departure from what I generally expect from folk/Viking/pagan metal label TrollZorn. The PR sheet went on about technicality, sophistication, melancholy melodies and ‘varied vocal styles’.. Read More