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Grim Reaper, Toledo Steel and Blizzen – London Boston Music Rooms 12/10/19

Toledo Steel and Blizzen were due to play down the road in Camden, but were added to this package. Desolation Angels pulled out for reasons unknown a week or so prior to the event and Salem UK (of which this… Continue Reading →

Axe Steeler – On the Run (Iron Shield Records)

Columbia’s Axe Steeler plays their own brand of Teutonic heavy metal (by their own description), akin to the European scene mixing elements of the UK’s own Toledo Steel and the US band Savage Master. Essentially, this release does exactly what… Continue Reading →

Crystal Viper – Queen Of The Witches (AFM)

When I found myself originally pointed in the direction of Crystal Viper’s debut by Russ Smith I never really looked back. Apart from the fact they look perfect as a heavy metal band (y’know, those band pictures where you can’t… Continue Reading →

Grim Reaper – Walking in the Shadows (Dissonance Productions)

Since reforming in 2006, I have been privy to a couple of excellent live shows by this band, featuring the well renowned singer Steve Grimmett. This is the first recording from the band since that reformation, in fact their first… Continue Reading →

The Sanity Days – Evil Beyond Belief (Candlelight)

Formed by two (and them some) ex-Onslaught members, namely vocalist Steve Grimmett and drummer Steve Grice, The Sanity Days completes its line up with Jase Stallard (bass – who recorded on ‘Power from Hell’ then switched to guitar for ‘The… Continue Reading →

Satan’s Host – Pre-dating God (Parts 1 & 2) (Moribund)

OK, for such an epic release, first a brief history lesson. I’ve heard a few bits and pieces from Satan’s Host before, but it wasn’t until I did a little research into the band for the purposes of this review… Continue Reading →

Grim Reaper, Midnight Messiah & Widow – London Water Rats 8/6/13

This was a terrific line up on paper and opening band Widow got the evening started with a bang. Widow are from North Carolina and this was their first trip to these shores and what an impression they made. Opener ‘Take… Continue Reading →

Midnight Messiah – ‘The Root of All Evil’ (Cold Town Records)

Legendary NWOBHM band Elixir called it quits recently following a successful reformation over the last 12 years or so. From that band Guitarist Phil Denton and vocalist Paul Taylor have formed Midnight Messiah (a track from Elixir’s last studio release… Continue Reading →

Disarm Goliath – Born to Rule (Pure Steel Records)

I have followed this band from their debut release and thus have been genuinely pleased with the level of development of this West Midlands based band. Reading some of the PR material that pin points the opener ‘Embrace the Night’… Continue Reading →

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