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The Temple – Forevermourn (I Hate)

Candlemass, Solstice, Warning, Isole, Mirror Of Deception, Scald, Reverend Bizarre. When you see those bands cited as influences not only do you know the band has great taste, but also that they are drinking from the source and that you… Continue Reading →

Kongh – Sole Creation (Agonia)

Names. Hmm. The problem with some names is that they have been used for one thing or another for so long that you get confused as to when you have been hearing about them recently. Anyway, to clear it up,… Continue Reading →

Astral Sleep – Visions (Solitude)

You know, I can’t help wondering what Solitude put in their water cooler as their release rate as a label is phenomenal. Whatever it is, it doesn’t seem to impair their judgement as they have a pretty fine quality threshold…. Continue Reading →

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