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Drudkh – A Few Lines in Archaic Ukrainian (Season of Mist)

Let’s be clear from the outset, this is not a “new” Drudkh album,  rather it is a compendium of Ukrainian black metal poetry pieces which have previously been released across three split EPs. As such, the material will probably be… Continue Reading →

MIdgardsblot Metal Festival – Borre, Vestfold, Norway August 16-18 2018 (Part 1)

Background Midgardsblot is something special. It is far, far more than just a music festival. It is a unique, fully immersive, life affirming experience bringing together Nordic and metal cultures. Set in Southern Norway amongst the Viking burial mounds, the… Continue Reading →

Saiva – Markerna Bortom (Nordvis)

Swedish melancholy folk metal band Saiva have been out in the wilderness somewhere or other concocting the strange old brew of pagan melodies for a few years now. Until now, they’ve dropped the odd single and a split with Grift… Continue Reading →

Drudkh / Paysage d’Hiver – Somewhere Sadness Wanders / Schnee (IV) (Season Of Mist)

Drudkh’s recent wave of splits feels like they have been a liberating experience for the band. Free from the relative confines of producing a full crop’s worth of Ukrainian grief and solitude, the Drudkh frontman Roman Sayenko et al have… Continue Reading →

Drudkh / Grift – Betrayed By The Sun / Hägringar (Season of Mist)

So many black metal split releases from frontline bands have emerged over the past 12 months that frantic collectors must be having to take out new mortgages to keep up. But if it’s a nicely balanced EP – including the… Continue Reading →

Flagellant – Maledictum (World Terror Committee Productions)

Swedes Flagellant rose from the depths of deepest, darkest Umeå in 2007, quickly releasing a demo, then taking 3 years to put together their debut full length release ‘Monuments’ in 2010. There really isn’t a massive amount of information on… Continue Reading →

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