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Sirenia – Dark Days Of Dolor (Napalm)

So whatever the reasons were, Sirenia main-man Morten Veland decided it was time to bring in a new vocalist in the form of Emmanuelle Zoldan after 8 years and 4 albums with Ailyn (it sounds like she’s had a tough… Continue Reading →

Hanging Garden – Hereafter (Lifeforce)

Well, this new EP is a bit of fun…OK, maybe not “fun”, that’s too up-beat for a Dark Gothic Doom Metal band named Hanging Garden…so let’s plump for engaging shall we? Last year’s “Blackout/Whiteout” opus was released only last year… Continue Reading →

In The Woods – Pure (Debemur Morti Productions)

The reformation of Norwegian avant-garde and progressive metallers In The Woods in 2014 was highly anticipated as the band released some of the most challenging and wholly satisfying albums in the 90s operating on the fringes of the Norwegian black… Continue Reading →

Red Eleven – Collect Your Scars (Lifeforce)

There’s certainly an early 90’s vibe about Red Eleven’s sound. The soulful mid-range vocals and inimitable groove that runs throughout their third album “Collect Your Scars” is very indicative of that era, but Red Eleven are from Finland…and that means… Continue Reading →

Swallow the Sun – Songs from the North (Century Media)

I have heard so many good things about Swallow the Sun over the years but somehow always managed to miss them when they played live. It’s redemption time now as “Songs from the North” is a triple album, each transmitting… Continue Reading →

Hanging Garden – Blackout Whiteout (Lifeforce)

Finland. Dark, brooding, cold, moody, grey, a little oppressive and a bit gloomy. I’m talking about their more popular brand of Metal of course – I’m sure the country is lovely – but like their Scandinavian brothers, the Finns do… Continue Reading →

Minutian – Inwards (Secret Entertainment)

I remember that Minutian’s first album “Repercussions” (2011) was interesting and accomplished. This one is the same. Since the release of “Repercussions”, the band has had to deal with the death of their guitarist, and this undoubtedly comes across in… Continue Reading →

Dunderbeist – Hyklere (Indie)

I suspect that this Norwegian band has slipped completely under the radar like a stealth bomber for most metal fans outside of their Norwegian homeland for at least their first three full lengths or at least until they signed to… Continue Reading →

Callisto – Secret Youth (Svart)

The deep and lush tones which resound from this album told me that this band comes from Finland before I’d even looked it up. It’s a strange thing but many Finnish bands seem to conjure up a melodic and innocent… Continue Reading →

Scapes – One:Unseen:One (Nihil Ultra)

I heard just one song, opening track ‘Caring Is Gone’, and I rather leapt at the chance of hearing more. A brand new band from Finland settling themselves nicely in that awkward-to-categorize genre often (and rather loosely) classified as Dark… Continue Reading →

Manes – Be All End All (Debemur Morti)

Manes undoubtedly come from the Norwegian planet, inhabited by Atrox, Green Carnation, Audrey Horne and others, where life is seen from an odd and oblique angle. My only previous exposure to this band, who have now released four albums and… Continue Reading →

Empyrium – The Turn Of The Tides (Prophecy)

  Firstly, I should say that I think I’ve been given this to review because I really like The Vision Bleak, have heard some Empyrium in the past and a some Noekk too. I’m not really coming at this like… Continue Reading →

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