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Svvamp – S/T (RidingEasy Records)

Sweden has been a notable player in dishing up quality retro rock bands. Graveyard and Horisont leap to mind as two, who over recent years have kept the vibe of the classic rock era alive in this part of the… Continue Reading →

Monolith – Mountain (Final Gate Records)

The whole retro thing is quite big at the moment. Bands like Kadavar, Graveyard and Horisont are names we see quite often because they do it well. Obviously, the key to success is not pure imitation, but taking those late… Continue Reading →

Redwolves – Walking Roads (S/R)

Redwolves hail from Copenhagen, Denmark. Despite some early career line-up changes and a name change from Awesome Mr Powerwolf, they are now getting ready for the release of a new EP, “Walking Roads”.  This has the feel of a band… Continue Reading →

Graveyard – Innocence and Decadence (Nuclear Blast)

Graveyard have their own distinctive sound. If you search for ‘sound like Graveyard’ on internet radio sites or suchlike you get plenty of bands, but none of them really capture that retro Blues Rock style quite like Graveyard. It’s been… Continue Reading →

Nocturnalia – Above Below Within (Gaphals)

The scene is set a with sombre, classically flavoured piano intro, just over 2 minutes long, full of emotion and drama. Anything could be coming next, Black Metal? Pagan Metal? Post Rock? Symphonic Metal? Doom? Almost the last thing I… Continue Reading →

The Vintage Caravan – Voyage (Nuclear Blast)

There is only one depressing thing about this 3 piece Icelandic band’s second release. The band appear so young that it looks like if you added their ages together they would still be younger than me – and I’m 20… Continue Reading →

Inteview – Becky Cloonan

It’s a funny thing about comics, graphic novels, whatever you want to call them, but even if you don’t read them I’ll bet at least one of your friends does. Forever off mainstream until Hollywood (or HBO) comes calling once… Continue Reading →

Spirits Of The Dead – Rumours Of A Presence (The End)

A quick glance around reveals just how far this modern obsession for all-things retrospective has come. From the re-emergence of the flared trouser or a penchant for all things eyeball-meltingly fluorescent to our longing for the foods we grew up… Continue Reading →

Nocturnal – ST (Gaphals Records)

With the recent rise in popularity of late 60’s/early 70’s retro doom/occult rock or whatever you want to call it we have Sweden’s Nocturnal throwing down the gauntlet and throwing a few cats among pigeons. To me this gem of… Continue Reading →

Orchid- The Mouths Of Madness (Nuclear Blast)

Orchid know how to make an entrance: The riff and the whole song of the opening, title track The Mouths Of Madness is just brain rattling perfection. It just bypasses all that tedious ‘getting to know you’ stuff and lodges… Continue Reading →

Venomous Maximus – Beg Upon The Light (Occulture)

It is thy eve of Halloween and I sit here with a disc before me with witches cavorting on the front cover and a baphomet design around some sinister looking band players on the back. What form of horror could… Continue Reading →

The Graviators – Evil Deeds (Napalm Records)

Sweden’s trickle of 70’s revivalists is rapidily becoming a flood, as following fast in the footsteps of bands like Witchcraft, Graveyard and Burning Saviours come more worshippers like Horisont and, voilà, The Graviators. Described in their PR flyer as coming… Continue Reading →

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