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Anguish – Magna Est Vis Suignah (High Roller)

Founded in 2007, Sweden’s Anguish have experienced a number of line-up changes and creative dry spells. However, the start of a new decade for the band finds them reaching back to their roots and sounding reinvigorated after 2014’s “Mountain”. Vocalist… Continue Reading →

Degial – Predator Reign (Sepulchral Voice)

Typing Uppsala Sweden into one of those interweb image search things, results in photos of a lovely looking place, the sort of touristy spot to go on holiday perhaps? Dig deep however and you may find something completely rotten under… Continue Reading →

Antichrist – Sinful Birth (I Hate)

It’s been a while since we heard from Sweden’s Antichrist, their live appearances on these shores are always fun and filled with a touch of good friendly violence for the crowd. Once again, a new logo comes with a new… Continue Reading →

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