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Destroyer 666 – Call Of The Wild (Season Of Mist)

I think it’s fair to say by now that Destroyer 666 are the heavy metal epitome of what does not kill you makes you stronger. Whatever you think of their ultra alpha male tribal/gang philosophy, 2017 showed how hard they… Continue Reading →

Grave Miasma – Endless Pilgrimage (Sepulchral Voice/Profound Lore)

Grave Miasma are somewhat of a staple of the black and death metal scene within London. Chances are, if you’ve attended a gig within the last 36 months or so, you will have seen them at least once or twice…. Continue Reading →

Destroyer 666 – Wildfire (Season of Mist)

Crikey, was it really 2009 since the last Destroyer 666 album? It seems much more recent than that, and yet here we are again with the fifth full length album from the Australian metal crew. The band relocated to Europe… Continue Reading →

Mefitic – Woes Of Mortal Devotion (Nuclear War Now)

These foul and noxious Italians formed with the principal intent to spread the horrid feelings connected to Death. It may have taken them a decade to hone their craft and release this their debut album following numerous demos, EP’s and… Continue Reading →

Portal, Impetuous Ritual, Grave Miasma and QRIXKUOR – London Nambucca 31/5/15

It’s off to a recently refurbished Nambucca tonight and the venue looks a lot better than it used to with much more room in it. Still it was never going to be enough for the London debut of Australian’s Portal… Continue Reading →

Varathron, Horna, Grave Miasma, Tortorum & Fides Inversa – London Dome 2/5/15

Scroll to bottom for photos, be warned they are not safe for work! Italian, Norwegian, British, Finnish and Greek bands all clash headlong on stage this evening bringing a pure axis of evil to London. First up are the Italians… Continue Reading →

Morgon – Necrokvlt Archeochaosphere (Terror From Hell)

Not to be confused with the German blackened death outlet of the same name, French trio Morgon have resurrected their 2012 self-released album ‘Necrokvlt Archeochaosphere’ via Terror From Hell Records and the result is as deadly as it seems. With… Continue Reading →

Zom – Flesh Assimilation (Invictus)

It’s about time we got a full length album from Irish black, doom, crust scumbags Zom. For those that have caught them live they really do deliver the goods and leave their mark on you and having seen them twice… Continue Reading →

Possessed, Grave Miasma & Unfathomable Ruination – London Garage 28/7/14

If you had not encountered anything in the way of death metal since the headliners had released their two classic albums you would have wondered just what had happened in the last 3 decades for it to evolve into what… Continue Reading →

Diocletian – Gesundrian (Osmose)

As a kid, I was pretty pleased to have my birthday on St George’s Day. The slayer of dragons is a pretty cool guy to share a day with when you are eight years old. Of course, I have since… Continue Reading →

Zom – Demo MMXI (Invictus)

I caught the Fenriz approved Irish band Zom recently at Live Evil Festival and was pretty much blown away by their on stage presence and sound. They conjured up a fearsome brand of occult death metal that reminded a lot… Continue Reading →

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