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Inferno Festival – Oslo, Norway 12-15th April 2017 Day 3

Day Three Friday 14th April Good Friday brought day three of the festival and I couldn’t wait for things to get underway. With things not kicking off until 1730, I had a lie in and then took the opportunity for… Continue Reading →

Örth – Nocturno Inferno (Satanic Art Media)

1996 was a vintage year for black metal releases. Heaven Shall Burn.., Antichrist, Stormblast, Filosofem, Nemesis Divina, Aspera Hiems Symfonia. I could go on just as easily as I could fill in the band names to go with these classics… Continue Reading →

Wardruna – Runaljod – Ragnarok (By Norse)

What better way to introduce Ragnarok, the third and final part of Wardruna’s 8-year trilogy, with a towering battle hymn to Tyr. One of the less readily recognised Norse gods these days (at least for non-metal fans I should perhaps… Continue Reading →

From the Vastland – Chamrosh (Immortal Frost)

I was impressed with From the Vastland’s 2013 album “Kamarikan”, since then there’s been one further release prior to this one. What impressed me was the intensity of the black metal which this one man maelstrom from Iran generated. The… Continue Reading →

Gloomy Grim – The Age Of Aquarius (Satanath Records)

I gotta be honest, I really struggled with ‘Under The Spell Of The Unlit’, the 2008 release from Finnish symphonic black metal crew Gloomy Grim. On spec, it pretty much ticked all the boxes, however despite the excellent playing and… Continue Reading →

VIII – Decathexis (Third I Rex)

So obscure is the artwork and sleeve of this album that unless I’d been told in advance, I would have struggled to work out that this is the second album by VIII from Sardinia. The listening experience is entirely different,… Continue Reading →

Between The Frost & Evnar – From The Roots 1993-2105 & E.V.N.A.R. Albums (Winter Demons)

I’m throwing these two in together as both Spanish bands have intertwined members and a lot of common ground between them. Both albums have been recently released by Winter Demons and offshoot of the Darkwoods label who embrace all things… Continue Reading →

Behexen – The Poisonous Path (Debemur Morti)

Back in 2008, Finnish black metallers Behexen stood somewhat at a musical crossroads. Having released their 3rd record (and some might say “breakthrough” album) ‘My Soul For His Glory’, it was evident that the band had taken the blasting fury… Continue Reading →

Interview – Kampfar

All has been very busy in the Kampfar Kamp. Delivering their excellent 7th album Profan at the tail end of last year, it seems like they have hardly stopped since. Hitting the road with Gorgoroth and Gehenna on the back… Continue Reading →

Sulphur – Omens of Doom (Dark Essence)

With band members from Gorgoroth, Enslaved, Aeternus and Vulture Industries, and with further connections in the productions and mastering to Taake and Audrey Horne, this album is like Norwegian statement. There’s the added mystery of the band not having released… Continue Reading →

Gorgoroth, Kampfar, Gehenna, De Profundis and The Negation – London Dome 11/12/16

This one has a right solid line-up and it is well worth getting down for early doors to catch 1st band on tonight The Negation from France. There may not be loads in yet to witness the band but they… Continue Reading →

TAOS – Passion Sodomy Terror (Osmose)

It all points to a grim experience. TAOS, or The Arrival of Satan to give their Sunday name, have been creating “radical black metal art” since 1999, having first formed to create a self-proclaimed nihilistic soundtrack for the end of… Continue Reading →

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