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Skinner – Ivan Nagy (101 Films)

While we have some great companies in the UK releasing genre titles there’s a huge amount of output going on Stateside as well. Production houses such as Synapse, Blue Underground, Severin, Vinegar Syndrome, Code Red and Mondo Macabro really deliver… Continue Reading →

Cropsy Maniac – Carnage (HPGD)

I could sum this release up in a short paragraph…. “like splatter movies?……  like death/grind?……. like death/grind that’s all about splatter movies? If the answer’s yes, then stop reading this now and buy this EP!” But then the editor would… Continue Reading →

Foul Body Autopsy – This Machine Kills Zombies (S/R)

Okay so it’s no real secret that Death Metal and Horror go hand in hand, if anything I would probably blame Horror for my addiction to this bloodsoaked genre, and vice versa. As my interest in Death Metal subject matter… Continue Reading →

Voivod & Necrophagia – London The Underworld 18/6/17

Doors are delayed as Nuclear who are meant to be on first tonight are MIA, it appears the Chilean thrashers are delayed at border control. So after much drinking time we stumble into the Underworld relieved to get out the… Continue Reading →

Ghoul, Insanity Alert & Lunatic Hooker – London Underworld 1/3/17

There’s normally all sorts of ghoulish behaviour once the sun sets in Camden Town but tonight was going to be like none other and all manner of grizzly and gruesome things were about to happen in the Underworld. First we… Continue Reading →

Bride Of Re-Animator – Brian Yuzna (Arrow)

Dead things coming back to life may well be all de-rigueur in the present time, drenching TV screams with the likes of Walking Dead and Z-Nation and films such as Pride And Prejudice And Zombies and the forthcoming World War… Continue Reading →

Evilspeak – Eric Weston (88 Films)

I know it seems like Arrow central over here but they do send us review stuff in of the films that I love. They are not alone in releasing the classics of old and getting former video nasties through the… Continue Reading →

Nekromantik 2 – Jörg Buttgereit (Arrow)

Please note images used to illustrate this article do not reflect the quality of the stunning transfer presented here by Arrow. Even when Arrow pulled off the unimaginable and released Nekromantik earlier this year the prospect of Nekromantik 2, its… Continue Reading →

Kraanium – Chronicles of Perversion (Comatose)

It’s safe to say that after the brilliance that was their 2012 release Post Mortal Coital Fixation, Norwegian/ UK slam kings Kraanium had set themselves a hard act to follow. However, three years later Chronicles of Perversion proves that this… Continue Reading →

Nightmare City – Umberto Lenzi (Arrow)

This fun, goofball slice of pasta Pura with a side dish of tapas and enchiladas is a very welcome addition to the Blu-Ray family. It’s not come without its fair share of trials and tribulations though and you may well… Continue Reading →

Lucio Fulci – Poker Cards

If you had asked me before what Lucio Fulci’s greatest success with poker was I would have probably thought of poor old Dagmar Lassander in The House By The Cemetery getting it through the neck with one. I would never… Continue Reading →

Party Canon – Bong Hit Hospitalisation (Gore House)

With a name like Party Canon, one could easily think that you would be presented with some sugar and spice pop punk band, ready to sing about the joys of proms, milkshakes and some old shite. However what you are… Continue Reading →

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