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Witch Vomit – Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave (20 Buck Spin)

Band name and album title should leave you no clue left to find as to the musical style of these Americans, who have a heavy Scandinavian sound and a deathly vocal howl practiced by bands making a touch more extreme… Continue Reading →

At The Gates – To Drink From The Night Itself (Century Media)

When “At War With Reality” was announced back in 2014, it was made clear that whilst the band may have been simply touring off of their reputation alone and had changed their minds on the whole ‘not hitting the studio’… Continue Reading →

Interview – Cut Up

As with so many of the cool opportunities contributing to Ave Noctum has afforded me, interviewing a former Vomitory member is something my younger self could never have envisaged. Asking man mountain Ulf Dalegren to sign my CD back in… Continue Reading →

The Crown – Death Is Not Dead (Century Media)

The history of The Crown is a bit complicated. Suffice to say the Swedish death/thrash band have had their share of line up changes and split up in 2004 when original (and best) vocalist Johan Lindstrand buggered off to form… Continue Reading →

Bombs of Hades – The Serpents Redemption (Pulverized Records)

Starting originally as a crust punk band, Swedish Death metal bruisers Bombs of Hades have ‘The Serpents Redemption’, their second full length effort after a few split releases ready for your entertainment. The band features Jonas Stalhammer, whom is notable… Continue Reading →

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